Withdrawing from UW-Madison

This section contains information for L&S undergraduate students about withdrawing from the university.

What does it mean if I withdraw from the semester/term?

If a Letters & Science undergraduate student wishes to drop all of his/her classes for a particular semester or term after the first day of classes, a student needs to formally withdraw from the term. In other words, withdrawal indicates that a student intends to stop attending classes for the current term/semester.  This is done by the official withdrawal deadline in the fall/spring term or the summer term (see Dates & Deadlines under Enrollment Information on the Registrar's homepage or go directly to Dates & Deadlines).  

Students who wish to withdraw  must submit a withdrawal request in their MyUW Student Center between the first and last day of the term.  
The electronic withdrawal process will not require submission of a signed paper form.  Once L&S undergraduate students submit their withdrawal request via their MyUW Student Center, the requests are then routed electronically to L&S Academic Deans' Services in 110 Ingraham Hall for review.  Approval from L&S Academic Deans' Services, as well as from the Office of International Student Services for students on J1 and F1 visas, is required before an L&S undergraduate student is formally withdrawn from the semester/term.   See below for more information about withdrawing via the Student Center.   You can also find additional information about the withdrawal process by referring to Term Withdrawal FAQ.

Withdrawing from a semester/term before the term/session begins

If you decide to not attend UW-Madison for a term and you have already enrolled in at least one course, you will need to either CANCEL your enrollment or WITHDRAW from the university depending on the timing.   More detailed information about withdrawing can be found at withdraw from UW-Madison, or cancel your enrollment for a term.    
If you have not enrolled in classes yet but wish to withdraw from the term, there is nothing you need to do.   The university will automatically assume that you have cancelled your enrollment from future semesters if you are not enrolled in classes for an upcoming term.  Please note that you will need to apply for reentry when you are ready to return to continue your undergraduate studies.  See apply as a reentry student for more information.
If a student withdraws prior to the beginning of the fall/spring semester or summer term, the student only needs to cancel their enrollment by dropping all of their classes from their Student Center before the first day of classes.    Students should make sure to confirm that they have dropped all of their classes successfully from their Student Center.   Student should also let their academic advisors know of their intention to withdraw so their advisor is aware of their change in status for the semester/term. 

It's important to remember that students who are receiving financial aid should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid as soon as possible if they are planning to withdraw or drop below six (6) credits during the fall or spring semester.  Information can be found at Withdrawals: Refunds and Repayments

The University of Wisconsin-Madison does not use the term "to withdraw" to signify dropping one or more classes if a student intends to remain enrolled in at least one course for the semester/term.  See dropping a course at UW-Madison for more information about dropping a class.

Withdrawing after the term begins

Students who wish to withdraw after the term begins are required to submit a withdrawal request through their Student Center.   Once the student has submitted the withdrawal request, it will get routed through the necessary approval process (academic deans' unit, International Student Services) before being processed by the Office of the Registrar.  

More important information about the withdrawal process on the UW-Madison campus can be found at Cancelling Your Enrollment - Withdrawals.

A student will still be able to drop their last class(es) via his/her Student Center if:

Students will not be able to submit a withdrawal request via their Student Center and will be directed to withdraw through their academic dean's office (101 Ingraham Hall for L&S undergraduate students) if:

Summer Withdrawal Information

The withdrawal deadline for the College of Letters & Science undergraduate students enrolled during the summer term is the end of the three-quarters of the session, extended to the following Friday. The following rules apply to L&S undergraduate students enrolled in a summer session on the UW-Madison campus:

Specific deadlines for the summer term are located at Session Dates.

Students who wish to withdraw from the summer session must submit their request to withdraw through their Student Center.  The summer withdrawal process differs slightly from the fall/spring terms in that:

  1. Students in the summer term will be allowed to drop their last enrolled class in the Student Center.
  2. At the point of dropping his/her last summer class in the Student Center, a student will be asked to indicate whether s/he intends to enroll in future classes for the current Summer term.  If the student answers "No," the s/he will be asked to submit a withdrawal request on the Term Withdrawal tab.  If the student answers "Yes" or "Uncertain,"  the student's intent is simply noted and the student will not be asked to submit a withdrawal request.

In short, the summer withdrawal process will mean:

Information regarding withdrawing can be found at Cancelling Your Enrollment - Withdrawals on the Registrar's website.  For more general information about the withdrawal process for L&S undergraduate students, please call (608) 262-0617 for more assistance.  

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