L&S Admin Training Sessions

L&S Administration hosts a series of live trainings, intended to connect L&S staff and faculty with information that may be helpful in their positions. Topics have included governance, TA and PA appointments, budgeting and funding, and HR and payroll issues. After the training, the information is modified into a self-paced presentation and posted below. Please send any suggestions for training topics to Jennifer Noyes, Associate Dean for Operations and Staff in L&S, jennifer.noyes@wisc.edu

Campus Access and Accommodations:
  • Campus Access and Students with Disabilities: A Collaborative Process. This presentation includes information on our progress towards making the campus accessible for students with disabilities. Learn how accessibility practices benefit more than just people with disabilities and what role you can play in promoting a climate of full inclusion. Presented by Cathy Trueba, Assistant Dean of Students and McBurney Disability Resource Center Director.
  • Reasonable Accommodation and FMLA. This presentation includes information to help administrators and supervisors know how to recognize and respond to a potential accommodation request and to know what to do with confidential medical information.  It's important that you contact your Divisional Disability Representative (DDR) if you believe that a disability or medical condition is contributing in any way to performance, conduct, or attendance issues. In addition, it covers benefits and resources available under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act (WFMLA) and related university policies. Presented by Barb Lanser, with input from L&S Divisional Disability Reps and HR staff Cheryl Adams Kadera, Diana Allaby, Brian Bubenzer, Joyce Helt, and Daun Wheeler.
Campus IT
  • Campus IT Tools. This presentation includes information on a number of online software tools which have been licensed for use by everyone on campus, but not everyone takes advantage of them. In this presentation, four IT professionals from around the College will demonstrate some of those tools (Box, Qualtrics, and several of the Google tools such as Drive, Docs, Forms, Hangouts, Sites, and Sheets). We'll show some of the ways they can be used to address common problems such as sharing files, creating forms and surveys, building websites, co-editing documents, holding remote meetings, and so forth. This will not be a hands-on training session but rather a set of quick demonstrations. There will also be time for Q&A. Presenters: Sara Nagreen (Math), Tyler Schultz (L&S Administration), Lisa Jansen and Bruno Browning (LSS)
  • Nuts and Bolts of L&S Honors. This presentation provides will provide a basic overview of the Honors Program, including its degree tracks (Honors in the Liberal Arts and Honors in the Major), curricular policies, and governance structure. It also includes discussion of the financial resources that are available through the Honors Program to enhance the experiences of high-achieving students: funding to hire lecturer replacements to free up a faculty member to teach a small, Honors-only course; awards to support student research (as apprentices helping faculty with their research and independent senior these research); and awards to support student travel related to research. This training session will appeal to chairs, department administrators, and undergraduate advisors. Presented by Sissel Schroeder, Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler, Matthew Kohlstedt, and Mary Czynszak-Lyne, L&S Honors.

Human Resources/Payroll

  • Short-Term Staff and Teaching Assistants Planning for 2019-20: Unraveling the Planning Processes.pdf: This presentation covers the ins and outs of the planning process for employing Short-Term Staff (STS) and Teaching Assistants (TA's). It includes how to use the newly formatted spreadsheets along with an overview of the timelines and budgets associated with those processes. Presented by Shirin Malekpour, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning Administration, Amanda Mahr, Academic Administration Coordinator, Brian Bubenzer, Assistant Dean for Graduate Administration, and James Montgomery, Associate Dean for Fiscal Initiatives.

  • Study Abroad UW Systems policies and UW Madison International Agreements updates. These presentations cover current UW Systems policies and provide an overview of UW Madison International Agreements. Do any of your students go abroad under the auspices of the university?  In thinking about your answer to this question, you may need to think more broadly than you expect, given that “study abroad programs” include all educational programs that take place outside the geographical boundaries of the United States.  [This includes short-term faculty-led (STFL) study abroad programs]  Daniel Gold, Director of International Academic Programs presents: Students Going Abroad? What You Need to Know and Why You Need to Know It 
  • UW Madison International Agreements: why/when you need them (or not), and how to get them signed. A review of current policies and updates, including why agreements are needed, and what steps you need to take to comply with them. Maj Fischer, Director of External Relations, International Division presents: UW-Madison International Agreements Overview.
  • L&S Day of the Badger 2020 Planning Workshop: The L&S Office of Strategic Communications & Advancement (SCA) led this interactive planning workshop for all L&S units participating in UW’s second annual “Day of the Badger,” a campus-wide annual giving effort on April 7 and 8, 2020. Session covered L&S 2019 results, successes, challenges, and hiccups. The SCA team was joined by some of the development, annual giving, and stewardship partners from the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) to discuss collaboration and set a positive course for Day of the Badger 2020. Presented by Assistant Dean Denise Hickey
  • Alumni Newsletter Workshop, this virtual online presentation on April 30, 2020 included: Content guidelines and best practices for engagement from Mary Ellen Gabriel, Storytelling tips from Aaron Conklin, Best practices for designing e-newsletters from Carlin Sood, Production guidelines from University Marketing team members who work on alumni print newsletters for many units across campus, Discussion with L&S colleagues from some departments who have faced challenges and experienced success in the alumni newsletter realm. Presented by the L&S Office of Strategic Communications & Advancement Team: Denise Hickey, Assistant Dean, Mary Ellen Gabriel, Director of Communications, Aaron Conklin, Senior University Relations Specialist, Carlin Sood, Creative Services Specialist, Kaitlin McIntosh, Alumni Relations Specialist, Scott Carter, Department Relations Specialist
  • The Campus Administrative Transformation Project: Facts and Myths: Session provides overview of the campus-wide effort to transform our core administrative processes, which at is core is about re-imagining our administrative processes to be what we want and need. Presented by Nick Tincher, CIO and Director of Information Technology in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education
  • PreCollege and Youth Programs - What You Need to Know Now: Does your unit, or individuals in your unit, offer precollege and youth programming – e.g. activities with minors under age 18? Are you aware of the University’s minimum requirements and expectations for these youth activities and individual encounters (i.e. internships)? Did you even know such requirements existed? See https://precollege.wisc.edu/office-of-compliance/ for answers to these questions and information about compliance and the current state of campus-wide expectations. There are also resources available to support you in providing exceptional educational/recreational opportunities while also ensuring that all participants are safe and leaders are effective. Presenters: OPYPC Director Prenicia Clifton and OPYPC Compliance Specialist Keri Robbins from UW-Madison Office of Precollege and Youth Program Compliance (OPYPC).
Program Review
  • Travel Policy Update: Discussion of changes to UW-Madison Travel Policies effective October 5, 2015. Presenters: Rusty Haines, Dan Langer, and Stefanie Merucci. See Accounting Services Travel Policies: http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/acct/policy/ppindex.html  (The travel policies start at 201).