L&S Standard Rates for Short-term Staff and Student Assistants

This documents lists minimum base rates for short-term instructional and student assistant appointments and in the College of Letters and Science.

Short-term Staff (Academic Staff titles only)

Due to the campus Title and Total Compensation (TTC) study, the College anticipates changes to some of the titles used for instructional academic staff. We are providing rates for the 2020-21 academic year for planning purposes and to show that we plan to increase the standard short-term staff rates by 2%. This page will be updated when we have final title information from campus human resources.

Rates are effective in the fall semester (e.g., summer appointments in 2020 will follow the 2019-20 rates).

2020-21 C-Basis Rate
2019-20 C-Basis Rate
Associate Lecturer$42,124$41,298
Lecturer (no prefix)$49,440$48,471
Senior Lecturer$54,385$53,319
Assistant Faculty Associate$43,127$42,281
Associate Faculty Associate$49,658$48,684
Faculty Associate$54,623$53,552
Faculty Assistant$40,140$39,353
Professor Emeritus$54,385$53,319

Student Assistants

The following are College-specific rates. For campus minima and other student assistant titles, refer to campus OHR or the Grad School's website.
SA Title2020-21 C-Basis Rates2019-20 C-Basis Rates
Teaching Assistant$41,000 or $45,100$40,000 or $44,000
Lecturer (SA)$45,000 or $49,500$44,000 or $48,400
Undergraduate Assistant$40,140$39,353

Calculating Gross Salary

Calculations for C-Basis (9-month) salaries:

1) Semester-length course: Base rate / 2 * appointment percentage.
2) Academic year salary: Base rate * appointment percentage.
3) Other: If the appointment is not based on a semester or academic year, use the "FLOAT" tool to calculate the instructor's salary.

Contacts for L&S Administration

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