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L&S Short-Term Staffing Request Process

Each Fall and Spring semester, the College of Letters & Science conducts a short-term staffing exercise. This page will be updated each semester; typically in mid-January for fall staffing requests, and in September for spring staffing requests.

Key Documents & Deadlines

The following items are due Wednesday, September 19, 2018: 
  • Updated copy of the 2018-19 teaching report. Previous copies of the teaching report may be downloaded from departmental STS folders in Box (name = “48-#### STS”). The teaching reports are due each semester, whether or not a department is requesting short-term staff.
These materials may be submitted via the STS folder in Box (“48-#### STS”) or by email to Amanda Mahr. Please note that only Chairs/Directors and Department Administrators have access to the departmental Box folders.

Short-Term Staffing Proposal

The request format has been updated; the previous process required one request document per position. Departments/Centers will now complete one proposal spreadsheet for the upcoming semester.

Short-Term Staffing positions require approval through this process, even if the funding source of the STS is secure (e.g., Honors, FIGS, etc.). This is necessary because STS requests will be reviewed as a part of a department’s overall instructional strategy and for technical reasons (e.g., percentage of appointment, title). “STS” may refer to several titles, including Associate Lecturer, Lecturer (SA), Faculty Associate, Visiting Faculty, L/I faculty, Emeritus Faculty and Adjunct Faculty.

Detailed instructions for the Short-term Staffing Proposal

1. Complete the information on the ‘Dept Details’ worksheet.

Update the worksheet with basic details at the top (department name, your name, etc.).

Funding. Some common funding sources are pre-filed (e.g., STS 101 Budget). Please update or add funding sources as necessary.

STS Titles & Rates. Similar to funding, the sheet is pre-filled with some common titles and rates. Please add titles and/or modify the rates as necessary with the titles/rates you expect to use. Common appointment percentages are listed below, and we have standard rates for short-term staff in L&S listed on the Gateway.

2. List your short-term staffing positions on the ‘STS’ worksheet.

For each position, list the course number and name, and details about the specific section that the STS would teach. The ‘Title’ and ‘Funding’ columns are both dropdown fields which are populated by the information on the 'Dept Details' worksheet.

The salary will automatically calculate based on the Title, Timeframe and Appt % fields. If you’ve selected ‘Other’ for the timeframe, you will need to calculate the gross salary on your own (using a tool like FLOAT) and enter it in the ‘Est. Salary’ column.

We’ve included an optional instructor ‘name’ column on this spreadsheet. However, remember that you may still need to openly recruit with a PVL in order to hire an instructor.

3. (Optional) Add additional information on the ‘Notes’ worksheet.
This page can be used to explain the background of the position or any non-standard details for the instructor's appointment.

4. Summary – Funding
This page is informational only, and will display estimated salary costs by funding type. Again, this is dependent on the values listed on the ‘Dept Details’ worksheet.

5. Calculations
This page is informational only, and displays the spreadsheet's automated salary calculations.

Teaching Report

We are continuing our use Teaching Reports to review and audit overall teaching assignments and loads within academic programs. Teaching Reports are required each semester, even if a department is not requesting short-term staff. The Teaching Report is designed to assist departments and instructional programs as well as the Dean’s Office in documenting the allocation of faculty and renewable academic staff teaching.

Please note that departments should not modify the format of the teaching report template, and that all fields are required.

Teaching Report Instructions:

Only an updated copy of the 2018-19 teaching report is due at this time. This can be downloaded from the departmental Box folders (folder name = “48-#### STS”). Please contact Amanda Mahr if you are unable to locate your latest teaching report.

Below are instructions for completing a blank teaching report:

1) At the top of the worksheet, indicate the following information:
  • Department name 
  • Standard faculty teaching load 
  • Date 
  • Your name 
2) Enter your plans for academic year in the “Faculty” and “Academic Staff” tables. Enter the teaching, course release, and funding information for each instructor.

3) Please use the "Justification for non-standard load" column to justify any deviation from an instructor's standard teaching load, e.g. extramural funding, sabbatical, administrative assignment.

4) Please use the "Notes" column to explain the following scenarios:
  • Low enrollment courses, which are defined as follows: 
    • Courses numbered below 300 with fewer than 15 students 
    • Courses numbered 300 to 699 with fewer than 12 students 
    • Courses numbered 700 and above with fewer than 8 students. 
  • Courses with non-standard schedules. “Standard”= 3 or 4 credit course with one credit awarded for approximately 15 hours of lecture; please see the following KB document for more information: Policy on the Credit Hour
  • Multiple instructors credited with teaching a single course. 
  • Course funded by 131, 133, 104 or other non-101 sources.
6) Submit your updated teaching report, either by uploading to the STS folder in Box (“48-#### STS”) or by emailing Amanda Mahr.

Guidelines for Appointment Levels and Titles

The general expectation for a three-credit course lecturer assignment with 50 or fewer students is a 33.4% appointment. A four-credit course (with the fourth hour being taught by the lecturer) is generally 40%. Appointment level requests not following these guidelines due to factors such as increased duties, significant TA supervision, a greater number of credits, or other unusual characteristics should be fully justified and will be reviewed by your Academic Associate Dean.

Guidelines for Instructor Qualifications

Please make note of the UAPC Policy on Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Staff .

Maintaining Access

Maintaining student access to essential courses such as first-year undergraduate courses, courses for graduating majors, and bottleneck courses needs to be a top priority when considering course assignments and the need for short-term staffing.

Course Guide

Be sure to include anticipated course offerings in the first call of the fall semester Course Guide, since it will facilitate room assignments. The deadline for final curricular updates for Spring, 2019 is Friday, October 5, 2018. Chairs and department administrators will be notified of STS decisions before the deadline. Please remember to remove any courses that have not been funded.

Contacts for L&S Administration

If you have questions about a particular potential request, please be in touch with your Academic Associate Dean.

If you have questions about your BSR, funding options, or STS 101 Budget, please be in touch with Mary Beth Roberts (263-6894).

Questions about filling out the STS form or teaching report, and questions regarding your department’s balance on the 101 short-term staffing funding line, should be directed to Amanda Mahr (263-8873).

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