COI in L&S: What to Report

This document provides guidance for L&S investigators at UW-Madison on what is reportable on your Outside Activities Report (OAR) and a link to more detailed information.

A Conflict of Interest (COI) may exist when an investigator has significant financial, ownership or leadership interests in an outside activity which could lead an independent observer to reasonably question whether the design, conduct or reporting of research might be influenced by the possibility of personal gain to the investigator or his/her immediate family.

Individuals subject to the UW-Madison COI policy must report all outside activities that reasonably appear to be related to their institutional responsibilities.

Institutional responsibilities include (but are not limited to) any professional responsibilities on behalf of UW-Madison, including research, research consultation, teaching, professional practice, outreach, administration, and institutional committee memberships.  Individuals should report any activity related to these institutional responsibilities regardless of the type or form (and those of their spouse and/or children) which has monetary value, and/or requires your time or effort.

Please note: travel funded by an outside entity is reportable by individuals on Public Health Service (PHS) funded grants only.

There are several noteworthy outside activities which do NOT need to be reported:

A more detailed list of what is reportable and non-reportable is located here.

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