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COI in L&S: Updating Your Outside Activities Report (OAR)

This document provides guidance for UW-Madison investigators on how and when to update your Outside Activities Report (OAR).

All UW-Madison faculty, academic staff with greater than 50% appointment, and all investigators named on a federally-funded project, or human subjects protocol must submit an updated Outside Activities Report (OAR) within 30 days of acquiring a new outside activity or experiencing a change in an existing outside activity. 

This reporting is in addition to the responsibility of annual reporting.  The requirement discussed here means that you may be obligated to update your OAR during the year, rather than waiting until the next annual report is due.

These changes or new activities could include:

  • entering into a new consulting agreement
  • purchasing stock
  • forming a legal entity
  • signing partnership papers
  • filing articles of incorporation

If you have inadvertently neglected to file your updated OAR within the 30-day window, file your updated OAR immediately and contact the COI Program.

To update your OAR click on "Submit or Update an Outside Activities Report" here. To change your report filed earlier the same calendar year (reporting on the previous calendar year), you will then need to select "Update OAR."  This will take you to the OAR form, populated with the previous information.  Here you should edit the information you wish and save.

Questions?  Contact:
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