L&S Teaching Assistants: Teaching Resources

This document lists resources for teaching assistants offered by the College of Letters & Science, UW-Madison, and off-campus and national organizations.

Teaching Resources for L&S TAs

Campus Resources for TAs
UW-Madison websites for Graduate Student Professional Development:
  • Graduate Assistant Equity Workshops - The schedule of upcoming Equity Workshops is available on the website of the Office for Equity and Diversity.
  • The Graduate School - Professional development programs, awards and workshops geared for graduate students.
  • Graduate Student Professional Development Events Calendar - Workshops, presentations and events on campus for graduate students.
  • Delta Program - Offers graduate courses and programs, monthly roundtable events, workshops and seminars for teaching and learning.
  • UW Teaching Academy - Offers teaching workshops, on-line teaching and learning tools and discussion forums as well as hosting the Future Faculty Partners program.
  • Teaching & Learning Symposium - An annual symposium for discussing best teaching practices and sharing new learning and teaching approaches with faculty, academic staff and students from UW-Madison.
  • WISCIENCE- Offers programs and seminars on evidence-based teaching and research mentoring in scientific fields.
Higher Education Resources:
For more information or with questions, please contact Brian Bubenzer, brian.bubenzer@wisc.edu

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