L&S Teaching Report

Each semester, the College of Letters & Science requests an updated departmental Teaching Report. In January, departments fill out a new report for the upcoming academic year. In September, departments will update the report for the current academic year.

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Background: L&S Teaching Report

This report lists Faculty and renewable Academic Staff who have teaching commitments to a department/program. The College may ask to see an updated Teaching Report while evaluating short-term staffing requests.

The data is split into three tables:

The Teaching Report is designed to assist departments and instructional programs as well as the Dean’s Office in documenting the allocation of Faculty and renewable Academic Staff teaching.

In January, departments fill out new teaching reports for the upcoming academic year. Please note that the College may also review previous years’ teaching reports, so those reports should be updated at this time if necessary.

Instructions for the Teaching Report:

Below are instructions for completing a blank teaching report. Please contact Amanda Mahr with any questions.

The Teaching Report is meant to be filled out in the order outlined below (Teaching Loads, Teaching Assignments, Course Releases). This is necessary because the list of instructors on the 'Teaching Loads' page populates the 'Instructor' drop downs on the 'Teaching Assignments' and 'Course Releases' pages. Once you’ve completed the list of instructors for the ‘Teaching Loads’ page, you may want to copy your list of instructors into the ‘Teaching Assignments’ and ‘Course Releases’ tables for easier data entry.

Teaching Loads

At the top of the ‘Teaching Loads’ worksheet, indicate the following information:

There is space in the top right corner of this page for additional information regarding your department/program’s standard teaching loads.

In the ‘Departmental Teaching Load’ Table, please list all Faculty and Renewable Academic Staff who have teaching commitments to your department/program:

Teaching Assignments

Please list the planned teaching assignments for your department/program. Please add one row per course commitment. E.g., cross-listed or meets-with arrangements would be listed on one row.

Course Releases

Please list the planned course releases / reduced teaching loads for the Faculty and renewable Academic Staff who have teaching commitments to your department/program. For the purpose of this report, the term 'course release' includes any reduction to an instructor's standard teaching load. Examples include course releases for administrative assignments, sabbaticals, extramural funding, and leave. If someone has more than one kind of course release (e.g., someone with an administrative assignment who also buys out of teaching one course) please add one row per type of release.

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