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L&S Teaching Assistant/Grader Staffing and Expenditure Plans

This document guides you through the process of completing the L&S TA staffing and expenditure plans.

Each January, the College of Letters & Science begins a TA allocation and planning exercise for the upcoming academic year. As a part of that process, we request that each department with TAs and/or Graders complete a TA staffing and expenditure plan. This exercise is intended to help departments think about how best to deploy their TA and/or Grader resources, and will also help insure that plans are aligned with the department’s BSR. 

L&S TA/Grader Staffing Documents & Deadlines

  • TA & Grader Staffing and Expenditure Spreadsheet
  • Deadline for 2020-21 academic year:
    • Monday, March 2, 2020
  • Submit the spreadsheet via Box or by email. Naming convention: Yourdepartmentname_TA allocation 2020-21
    • Box: Submit in the departmental Teaching & Learning Admin folder, TA_Graduate subfolder ("48-##00 TA_Graduate"). Please note, Box access is typically limited to chairs/directors and department admins.
    • Email: Send to Amanda Mahr


  • Detailed instructions for the TA & Reader Planning Spreadsheet
  • Contacts for L&S Administration 

Detailed instructions for the TA & Grader Planning Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is meant to be filled out in order. The list of courses on the ‘Dept Details’ worksheet will be referenced by the other worksheets.

1. Complete the information on the ‘Dept Details’ worksheet.
Update the worksheet with basic details at the top (department name, your name, etc.).
  • Course Number & Title. List the courses that have teaching assistants and/or reader/graders, along with the credit range, planned capacity, and previous enrollment.
  • Funding. Some common funding sources are pre-filed (e.g., TA 101 Budget, Summer Revenue). Please update or add funding sources as necessary (e.g., departmental 131 accounts).
2. List your TA and Grader positions on the 'TAs & Graders' worksheet.
  • List your departmental TA rate at the top of the form. 
  • Use the ‘Teaching Assistant Plans’ and the ‘Grader’ plans tables to indicate your planned appointments for the upcoming year. 
  • Please note that the ‘Course Number & Title’ and ‘Funding’ fields are dropdowns that are populated by the previous page (Dept Details).
  • The estimated salary for TA appointments will be calculated automatically based on the values in the following fields:
    • Department TA rate (top of the page)
    • # of TA’s 
    • Timeframe 
    • Appt %
  • If you select ‘Other’ for the timeframe, you will need to calculate the salary estimate on your own (using a tool like FLOAT) and enter it in the ‘Est. Salary’ column. 
  • The ‘Est. Salary’ column is not locked against editing.
  • Please enter multiple rows per course if necessary. 
  • The estimated salary for grader appointments will be calculated based on the hours listed, using the current grader rate.
3. (Optional) Add additional information on the ‘Notes’ worksheet. This page can be used to explain the background of the TA positions or any other non-standard details, e.g., changes from previous years due to responses to enrollment patterns, new courses, etc.

4. Summary – Course. Please do not make changes; this page is informational only, and will display estimated salary costs by course.

5. Summary – Funding. Please do not make changes; this page is informational only, and will display estimated salary costs by funding type.

6. Calculations. Please do not make changes; this page is informational only, and displays the spreadsheet's automated salary calculations.

7. Upload
  • Upload your completed spreadsheet to your departmental BOX Teaching and Learning Admin folder, TA_Graduate subfolder
  • Use the naming convention: Yourdepartmentname_TA allocation 2020-21
  • Submit the report by March 2, 2020.

Approvals and Next Steps

Approvals will be sent in early April. At that time, departments may begin to work on their TA offer letters.

Contacts for L&S Administration

If you have questions about a particular potential request or about the TA/Reader Plans form, please be in touch with Associate Dean Shirin Malekpour.
If you have questions about your BSR, funding options, or TA 101 Budget, please be in touch with Mary Beth Roberts.

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