L&S TA Early Report

Each October and March, the College of Letters & Science asks for a report of all TAs that a department has payrolled for the semester. This document will guide you through the process of completing the TA Early Report.

Documents & Deadlines


Instructions for the TA Early Report

Departmental Details

At the top of the spreadsheet, please indicate the following:

List of TAs, FAs, & UAs

Totals by Appt Type

This table is informational only. It shows the headcount and salary cost by appointment type based on the 'List of TAs, FAs, & UAs' table.


This table includes some common funding sources (TA 101 budget sem 1, TA 101 budget sem 2, and summer revenue). You may add rows for other funding sources (e.g., 144 funding, departmental 131 funding). The ‘Salary’ column automatically calculates based on the ‘List of TAs, FAs, & UAs’ above.

Contacts for L&S Administration

Questions about filling out the TA Early Reports should be directed to Brian Bubenzer.

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