L&S Performance Evaluations for TAs, PAs, and UAs

This document outlines policy related to the evaluation of Teaching Assistants, Project Assistants, and Undergraduate Assistants

Performance Evaluation for TAs, PAs, and UAs

This policy is consistent with performance evaluation policy as outlined in the campus Graduate Assistant Policy and Procedures (GAPP) document, found at: https://hr.wisc.edu/policies/gapp/ 

General Evaluation Policy
TA Evaluations
  • Performance of Teaching Assistants will be reviewed at least once during the term of the appointment. 
  • Where a performance review is completed, a written performance evaluation report will be created and kept on file in the department. 
  • A copy of the evaluation report and any written evaluations will be given to the employee who will have the right to make a written response to be placed in their personnel file
  • Departments are encouraged to provide supervision and evaluation throughout the appointment period.
  • Teaching Assistant evaluations may include input from the following sources, but may not consist solely of student evaluations: 
1. Individual student evaluation of the teaching performance of a Teaching Assistant in a course in which the student is enrolled.  
2. Faculty and staff review of employee performance. 
  3. Self review. 
  4. Peer Review. 
  • If student evaluations are part of the evaluation process, employees must be notified at least forty-eight hours prior to distribution of student evaluation forms.
  • If a review includes an assessment of a Teaching Assistant’s laboratory or classroom performance, the assessment shall include at least one (1) visit by a faculty or staff member. 
  • A Teaching Assistant or Undergraduate Assistant will be given at least twenty-four (24) hours notice prior to the initial visit in a semester for this purpose. Prior notice is not required for faculty and/or staff visits for any other purpose, including subsequent visits for evaluation purposes. 
 Questions should be directed to Laura Fisk, laura.fisk@wisc.edu