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L&S Course and Class Section Cancellation Policy

Courses without enrolled students may be canceled without further inquiry. Depending on instructor’s obligations to the payrolling units, departments/programs should expect to reassign instructors to other courses/duties.

Fall & Spring Term Class Section Cancellation Policy

If a decision is made to cancel a class section with student enrollments: 

  • Prior to July 15 (Fall term) or January 1 (Spring Term): 
    • Departments should contact students as early as possible to inform them of the cancellation (see below for information to provide in email). 
    • The Registrar’s Office will allow departments to cancel sections without L&S Academic Associate Dean permission, providing evidence is offered concerning notification of students and of the L&S Associate Dean to Teaching & Learning administration. 
  • After July 15 (Fall Term) or Jan 1 (Spring Term): 
    • If enrollment is sufficient to offer a course, departments should make every effort to do so. 
    • If the department decides to cancel a class section, they must send an entry in the Course Cancellation form.
    • The department should have a plan for contacting students, moving students to other sections or courses, reassignment of instructional duties, etc. See the section on Message to Students for more information about communicating with students.
    • Departments must carry through on the plan developed in consultation with L&S Administration. 
    • The Registrar’s Office will not allow departments to cancel class sections without permission from the L&S Associate Dean of Teaching & Learning Administration. 
    • Departments must notify students (please see information that should be included in the email below).

Summer Term Class Section Cancellation Policy

See L&S Summer Budget Model for discussion of financial considerations. 

Summer 2024 dates

Process for canceling sections

Class sections without enrolled students may be canceled without further inquiry. Departments should be able to do this on their own. Sections need to be canceled, not deleted, once the Schedule of Classes is released. 

Class sections with enrollment should be made in consultation with L&S and assistance from the Office of Registrar:

  • Notify students as early as possible to inform them of the cancellation.
    • Include the information from the 'Messages to Students' section below.
    • Prompt notification is particularly important for international students who must maintain enrollment to maintain their visa status.
    • Include appropriate alternatives for students who are enrolled in year-round graduate programs, who need to maintain their progress toward completion of their degrees.
  • Contact the curricular contact to get the class roster with certain information that is not directly available to the department. 
  • Notify L&S of cancellations using the ‘Course Cancellation and Non-standard Times’ request form (instructions).
    • The request will be reviewed by Shirin Malekpour, Associate Dean for Teaching & Learning, in consultation with other Associate Deans as needed.
  • Forward the approval from L&S to the Curricular Services team.

Messages to Students

Messages to students should include the following information:

  • A clear statement that the course has been cancelled.
  • Offer alternatives (if any exist). 
  • Offer departmental contact information for questions.
  • Encourage students to reach out to their advisor if they need assistance selecting and enrolling in another course.
  • Remind students that cancellation may affect their full-time status, and depending on their individual circumstances, may affect athletic eligibility, financial aid, veteran's benefits, visa status, or progress to degree.

L&S Contact

For more information about the L&S course cancellation policy, please contact Shirin Malekpour, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning Administration.

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