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1Communications from L&S Teaching & Learning Administration1166562024-07-105597
2L&S Student Assistant Appointment Letters222882024-07-1218890
3L&S AOF Resources264772024-06-0512363
4L&S Undergraduate Student Academic Services & Support216552024-05-109528
5Memo: L&S Buyout Policy Framework Effective FY231213352024-04-031639
6L&S Student Assistant Leave248452024-03-136697
7What is the Instructional Laboratory Modernization (ILM) Program?218082024-02-124040
8What is the Capital Budget/Building Program?218092024-02-123339
9What's involved in undertaking a remodeling project in L&S?218102024-02-126171
10L&S Spoken-English Proficiency for Teaching Assistants: Policies and Procedures252682024-01-2549163
11Course Access Landing Page1185072023-12-192092
12Events and Regular Meetings of L&S Bodies/Groups200472023-12-066919
13Functional Work Areas Chart for L&S Administration216772023-10-0411756
14L&S Academic Program Review - Resources, Guidelines, Templates, and Advice248922023-07-067405
15Memo: L&S Cost Accounting for 131 Programs Implementation Effective FY211178492023-07-061078
16L&S guidance for department-provided information in Course Search & Enroll1184412023-07-031962
17EAO [Glossary]208512023-06-015615
18ETF [Glossary]208482023-06-017086
19L&S Resources for Department Chairs and Program/Center Directors216802023-06-015265
20L&S 131 Program Budget Model1155102023-04-061944
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