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Within this side module, you will find information for and about students regarding academic status and standing, campus-wide policies, declaring and cancelling majors, help with course registration and enrolling, contact information for student academic support services and other helpful policies, tips, and guidance for L&S Undergraduate Students. 

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1L&S Lumen/Guide Policy & Style Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs953622023-02-234340
2L&S: Submitting Grades of UW Students218542024-06-115828
3Class Attendance Policy for L&S Undergraduate Students at UW-Madison246282024-06-0520116
4L&S Guidance for circumstances to (not) use a grade of I (Incomplete)1296152024-05-141731
5L&S Undergraduate Student Academic Services & Support216552024-05-109453
6L&S Dean's List Qualifications211212024-05-10411497
7L&S Retrocredit Requirements and Information237362024-04-2611815
8How to Find Your Exam Times & Location at UW-Madison216602024-04-2413201
9L&S Graduation with Distinction222602024-04-1142500
10Taking a UW-Madison Course Pass/Fail211022024-03-11154471
11Withdrawing from UW-Madison217032024-03-0670329
12L&S Info on Refunds for Semester/Term Withdrawal217042024-03-067255
13UW-Madison College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)696372024-03-053918
14Historical Course Designations and Breadth Requirements1170552024-03-011253
15UW-Madison "DR" on Transcript211752024-02-2426325
16L&S BA/BS Language Substitution845152024-02-094148
17L&S Directed Study Course Limits447752024-02-093955
18Taking ASL to Satisfy the L&S Non-English Language Requirements845612024-02-064957
19Information on Auditing Courses for L&S Undergraduate Students267342024-02-02469827
20L&S Spring & Winter Commencement Information244482024-02-0118901
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