1. Summer Accounting in L&S
  2. FY [Glossary item]
  3. GPR [Glossary item]
  4. How to clear overdrafts on L & S fund 233 UW Foundation sponsored gift accounts
  5. L & S Gift Acknowledgment [Campus login required]
  6. L&S teaching metrics - department summary sheets
  7. L & S Information on UW Foundation Community Funds [Campus login required]
  8. L & S: Awards, Grants, and Professorships [Campus login required]
  9. L & S Vilas Distinguished Achievement Awards (VDAP) [Campus login required]
  10. UW Madison Pending P-card changes
  11. L&S Sabbatical/Research Leave Guidelines
  12. L&S Royalty Payment Processing
  13. UW Fund Numbers - What The First Three Digits Tell You
  14. UW-System Travel Airfare Policy
  15. UW-Madison Travel University-sponsored or hosted events
  16. UW Travel Lodging Policy
  17. L & S Policy on Receptions
  18. UW System Travel Meal Policy
  19. L & S UW Foundation Overview
  20. L&S: How to pay using UW Foundation Funds [Campus login required]
  21. FTE [Glossary item]
  22. L&S Expense Report Descriptions
  23. L&S Policy Special Course Fees
  24. Changing the Name of Your L&S Academic Program or Department
  25. L & S: How to support a student organization [Campus login required]
  26. L&S Halls Visiting Scholar Fund
  27. UW-Madison Anonymous Fund Guidelines 2019-2020 [Campus login required]
  28. L&S Summer Budget Proposals
  29. Budget & Finance
  30. L&S Summer Budget Model
  31. Guidance for Summer Sessions appointments in L&S
  32. L&S Teaching Assistant/Grader Staffing and Expenditure Plans
  33. Transferring Funds from UW Foundation to 233- Projects
  34. L&S Salary Cap Overview [Campus login required]
  35. L&S Faculty Searches: Block Grants for Candidate Visits
  36. Memo to L&S Chairs on BSR Changes for STS and TAs for FY19
  37. L & S: UW Foundation Guide to Allowable Expenses [Campus login required]
  38. Letters & Science Cost Transfers [Campus login required]
  39. L&S Fund Management: Sub-Department
  40. New L&S Funding String for S&E and Student Hourly Allocations starting Fiscal Year 2021
  41. L&S Changes to BSR Accounting Rules for Staff Effective FY21
  42. L&S Lump Sum Payments to UW Students Guide
  43. L&S Student Assistant Appointment Letter Templates