1. Conflict of Interest in L&S (COI)
  2. CGRS: Major Funding Organizations
  3. L&S TA Training Workshops
  4. L&S Pre-Award: Proposal preparation and submission
  5. L&S Pre-Award: Proposal Data & Rates
  6. L&S Pre-Award Services
  7. L&S Pre-Award: Training & Resources
  8. L&S Pre-Award: Dissertation Improvement Grant Proposals
  9. L&S: Progress Reports for NIH Awards (RPPR)
  10. L&S Admin Training Sessions
  11. L&S Graduate Student Research Opportunities: Graduate Funding Opportunities
  12. Research
  13. Depositing Gifts into UW Foundation Funds and 233- Projects
  14. Letters and Science Committees
  15. L & S Gift Acknowledgment [Campus login required]
  16. L & S: How to remove an overdraft from an L & S award or grant (fund 144/133) [Campus login required]
  17. Remove L & S Salary Encumbrances at Award Closeout [Campus login required]
  18. How to clear overdrafts on L & S fund 233 UW Foundation sponsored gift accounts
  19. L & S: How to support a student organization [Campus login required]
  20. CGRS - Events
  21. Spring TA Training
  22. Fall TA Training
  23. L&S Research Services: Finding Funding
  24. COI in L&S: Conflict of Interest Committee
  25. COI: L&S OAR Review Process
  26. COI in L&S: Detailed Guidance Documents
  27. COI in L&S: Conflict of Interest Training
  28. COI in L&S: Frequently Asked Questions
  29. COI in L&S: Sub-Recipients for PHS-Funded Research
  30. COI in L&S: Management Plans
  31. COI: Instructions for L&S OAR Reviewers
  32. COI in L&S: Updating Your Outside Activities Report (OAR)
  33. COI in L&S: What to Report
  34. COI in L&S: How to File an Outside Activities Report (OAR)
  35. UW Foundation Overview
  36. Human Subjects Research [Glossary item]
  37. Outside Activity [Glossary item]
  38. COI [Glossary item]
  39. OAR [Glossary item]
  40. Management Plan [Glossary item]
  41. Sub-recipient [Glossary item]
  42. Significant Financial Interest (SFI) [Glossary item]