1. App/Software, Cloud/Web Service Purchasing Guidelines
  2. Business Office
  3. Changing the Name of Your L&S Academic Program or Department
  4. Inter-institutional Agreements (IIA) - UW System Policy
  5. L & S Policy on Receptions
  6. L&S Business Policies and Forms
  7. L&S E-Reimbursement/Travel
  8. L&S Faculty Searches: Block Grants for Candidate Visits
  9. L&S Fund Management: Department ID
  10. L&S Fund Management: Program Codes
  11. L&S Fund Management: Sub-Department
  12. L&S Lump Sum Payments to UW Students Guide
  13. L&S Payments to Individuals
  14. L&S Request for Support from Dean's Office for Approved Candidate Interview Expenses
  15. L&S Routing for Academic Dean Approval for Affiliation Agreements
  16. L&S Royalty Payment Processing
  17. L&S Sabbatical/Research Leave Guidelines
  18. L&S Travel Mileage Policy
  19. Letters & Science Cost Transfers [Campus login required]
  20. Membership/Subscription Guidelines
  21. New L&S Funding String for S&E and Student Hourly Allocations starting Fiscal Year 2021
  22. REU Stipend Payments to UW Students on NSF and Other Sponsored Funds
  23. State of Wisconsin Policies on Printing and Photocopying
  24. UW - Risk Management Policy on Catering
  25. UW Madison Pending P-card changes
  26. UW System Travel Meal Policy
  27. UW Travel Lodging Policy
  28. UW-Madison Alcoholic Beverage Policy
  29. UW-Madison Anonymous Fund Guidelines 2021-22 [Campus login required]
  30. UW-Madison Custodian Fund Advances
  31. UW-Madison Internal Work Order form
  32. UW-Madison Moving/Relocation Expense Reimbursement
  33. UW-Madison Non-Salary Cost Transfers
  34. UW-Madison Purchasing
  35. UW-Madison Travel University-sponsored or hosted events