1. L&S Student Assistant Appointment Letters
  2. AOF Nomination Form for L&S Departments, 2021-22
  3. L&S AOF Resources
  4. Functional Work Areas Chart for L&S Administration
  5. L&S Spoken-English Proficiency for Teaching Assistants: Policies and Procedures
  6. L&S Student Assistant Leave
  7. L&S Dean's Senior Staff
  8. Diversity and Inclusion in L&S
  9. L&S Changes to BSR Accounting Rules for the Carryover of One-time Tally Sheet Surpluses Effective with the Start of FY22 [Campus login required]
  10. Regular Meetings of L&S Committees and Other L&S Bodies/Groups
  11. L&S Changes to BSR Accounting Rules for STS and TAs Effective FY19
  12. L&S Changes to BSR Accounting Rules for Staff Effective FY21
  13. L&S Resources for Department Chairs and Program/Center Directors
  14. Data Digest [Glossary item]
  15. UW-Madison Employee Political Activities
  16. UW-Madison Public Records
  17. L&S Chairs and Directors: Selection, Elections, and Terms
  18. L&S Climate Committee - Principles of Community for L&S
  19. L&S Community Support: Information for Helping a Student Who Seems to be in Distress
  20. L&S Academic Program Review - Resources, Guidelines, Templates, and Advice
  21. L&S Senate Information
  22. L&S Tips: Quorum and Parliamentary Procedural Rules for Department/Program Governance
  23. L&S Academic Services & Support
  24. ETF [Glossary item]
  25. EAO [Glossary item]