1. Guidance for Summer Sessions appointments in L&S
  2. L&S Annual Planning Processes for Short-Term Staffing and TA Appointments
  3. L&S Instructional Visiting Faculty
  4. L&S Letter Templates for Short-Term Staff
  5. L&S Policy for Evaluating Short-Term Instructional Academic Staff
  6. L&S Policy on Lecturer Appointments
  7. L&S Policy on Volunteers
  8. L&S Recruitment of Short-Term Staff
  9. L&S Short-term Staffing Plans
  10. L&S Standard Rates for Instructional Staff
  11. L&S Teaching Report
  12. Lecturer (SA): Minimum Qualifications, Course Assignments, Supervision, Evaluation
  13. STS [Glossary item]
  14. Teaching Report [Glossary item]