1. L&S Lumen/Guide Policy & Style Guidelines for Undergraduate Programs
  2. Taking a UW-Madison Course Pass/Fail
  3. L&S Spring & Winter Commencement Information
  4. Information on Auditing Courses for L&S Undergraduate Students
  5. Declaring a Second Major Outside of L&S
  6. L&S Credit Limits in Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
  7. Declaring Additional Majors Outside of L&S as an L&S Undergraduate Students
  8. L&S Climate Committee Survey Reports [Campus login required]
  9. L&S Semester Credit Load Limits
  10. L&S Dean's List Qualifications
  11. Transfer Credits and Grades From Other Universities to UW-Madison
  12. Removing AP or Transfer Credits from Student Records
  13. UW-Madison Final Exam General Information and Grading Deadline
  14. UW-Madison Degree Credit for ESL Courses
  15. L&S Retrocredit Requirements and Information
  16. L&S Diploma Information
  17. Student Academic Policies
  18. Counting Non-Major Courses in an L&S major
  19. Accessing UW-Madison Final Grades
  20. L&S Community Support: Information for Helping a Student Who Seems to be in Distress
  21. Courses that Meet the UW-Madison Ethnic Studies Requirement
  22. L&S Policies Related to Holding Classes Off-Campus
  23. How L&S Departments Should Approach Student Grade Appeals
  24. L&S Info on Refunds for Semester/Term Withdrawal
  25. Submitting an Exception or Adjustment to L&S Academic Requirements (DARS-X)
  26. How to Declare an Additional Major When Pursuing an L&S Specialized Degree Program
  27. Procedures for Declaring or Canceling an L&S Major, Certificate or Option
  28. Process for Appealing a Grade in an L&S Course
  29. Dropping a Course After Deadline for L&S Students
  30. Catalog Year and L&S Degree Requirements
  31. UW-Madison Winterim Course Credit
  32. UW-Madison NW (No Work) Grade Information
  33. L&S Academic Probation System for Undergraduates
  34. Earning Academic Credit for Military Service
  35. UW Policies & Procedures Concerning Grades and Grading
  36. UW-Madison General Education Requirements
  37. UW-Madison DARS Audit with Planned Courses
  38. Grade Change Policy for L&S Undergraduate Students
  39. UW-Madison US Military Active Duty and Deployment Policy
  40. SOAR Attendance Policies in L&S
  41. L&S Certificate Programs Information
  42. L&S Scholarships
  43. Additional Tuition for L&S Credit Overload
  44. UW-Madison Credit/No Credit Grading
  45. Hold on Records - L&S Procedures & Information
  46. UW-Madison Undergraduate Grading Information
  47. List of Undergraduate Degrees in the College of Letters & Science
  48. UW-Madison "DR" on Transcript
  49. UW-Madison Deadline for Adding Classes
  50. UW-Madison: Obtaining Tuition & Fees Information
  51. UW-Madison Cross-Listed and "Meets With" Course Information
  52. UW-Madison Summer Session Final Exam Information
  53. How to Find Your Exam Times & Location at UW-Madison
  54. L&S Foreign Language Courses and Pass/Fail
  55. UW-Madison Policy for Retaining Records & Grades
  56. Submitting Grades of UW Students
  57. L&S Undergraduate Advising Appointment Set Up
  58. Extended Incomplete (EI) Requests in L&S
  59. L&S (UW-Madison) Undergraduate Classification & Class Standing
  60. Quality of Work Requirements for L&S Undergraduates
  61. UW-Madison No Report (NR) Grade
  62. UW-Madison Incomplete (I) Grade Information
  63. Deadline for Submitting Work After an Incomplete (I) Grade
  64. Declaring a Major in the College of Letters & Science
  65. L&S BA and BS Math Requirements
  66. UW-Madison College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  67. Declaring Additional Majors Within L&S
  68. In Residence Requirement for L&S Undergraduate Students
  69. UW-Madison Religious Observances & Accommodations Policy
  70. L&S Graduate-Level Courses for Undergraduate Degree Credit
  71. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  72. L&S Grade Appeal Information
  73. L&S Graduation with Distinction
  74. UW-Madison Academic Misconduct Information
  75. Curriculum Requirements for L&S Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science Degrees
  76. L&S Advisor Consortium Folder
  77. L&S Directed Study Course Limits
  78. UW-Madison Senior-Graduate Status
  79. L&S Academic Services & Support
  80. "Q" Grades UW-Madison
  81. Taking ASL to Satisfy the L&S Foreign Language Requirements
  82. L&S Foreign Language Substitution
  83. UW Information on Allegations of Discrimination in the Awarding of a Grade
  84. Campus-Wide Information on Accommodations for Students
  85. L&S Major Declaration Information
  86. Good Academic Standing - UW Madison
  87. Dropping a Course at UW-Madison
  88. Common Credit Load for L&S Undergraduate Students
  89. Class Attendance Policy for Students at UW-Madison
  90. L&S Concurrent Enrollment
  91. Academic Advising for Undeclared L&S Undergraduates
  92. L&S International Student Credit Load Requirements
  93. L&S Advanced Coursework Requirements
  94. UW-Madison Mid-term Evening Exam Policy
  95. Associate Degree Satisfaction of UW-Madison Gen Ed Requirements
  96. How to View Your UW-Madison DARS Report
  97. Submitting UW-Madison Grade Changes Electronically
  98. Withdrawing from UW-Madison
  99. Earning One Degree with Multiple Majors in L&S
  100. Retaking a Course at UW-Madison
  101. Effective Dates of DARS Exceptions
  102. DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) [Glossary item]
  103. L&S Procedure for Departments to Request to Teach an Undergraduate Course at a Non-Standard Time
  104. FERPA [Glossary item]
  105. SOAR [Glossary item]