1. L&S Dean's List Qualifications
  2. L&S Spring & Winter Commencement Information
  3. L&S Info on Refunds for Semester/Term Withdrawal
  4. Withdrawing from UW-Madison
  5. Procedures for Declaring or Canceling an L&S Major, Certificate or Option
  6. L&S (UW-Madison) Undergraduate Classification & Class Standing
  7. How to View Your UW-Madison DARS Report
  8. L&S Graduation with Distinction
  9. Catalog Year and L&S Degree Requirements
  10. L&S Academic Probation System for Undergraduates
  11. Hold on Records - L&S Procedures & Information
  12. In Residence Requirement for L&S Undergraduate Students
  13. L&S Major Declaration Information
  14. Good Academic Standing - UW Madison
  15. Academic Advising for Undeclared L&S Undergraduates