1. L&S General Interview Questions
  2. L&S Interviewee Evaluation Sheet
  3. L&S Recruitment of Non-STS Academic Staff, University Staff and TE Appointments
  4. L&S Admin Topic of the Month [Campus login required]
  5. L&S Instructions on Spring 2021 Jobs
  6. L&S Recruitment Tools
  7. Setting up NetID early
  8. L&S International Telecommuting
  9. L&S Post Degree Training
  10. L&S Student Hourly Positions
  11. L&S Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence (SH/SV) Reference Checks
  12. L&S Honorary Fellow (Zero-Dollar) Appointments
  13. L&S Suggested Screening Criteria for University Staff Recruitments
  14. L&S New Employee Orientation
  15. L&S "How to Apply" Language
  16. L&S Faculty Recruitment Process
  17. L&S Recruitment of Short-Term Staff