1. Intermittent Furloughs
  2. L&S Payroll Schedules
  3. College of Letters and Science (L&S) Unclassified Hourly Timesheet
  4. L&S Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  5. L&S Employee Benefits
  6. L&S Payroll Planning Calendars
  7. L&S Standard Rates for Short-term Staff and Student Assistants
  8. FTE (Full Time Equivalent) and Headcount [Glossary item]
  9. L&S University Staff: Overtime and Compensatory Time Policy
  10. L&S Leave of Absence and Leave Benefits
  11. ICI [Glossary item]
  12. H-basis [Glossary item]
  13. C-basis [Glossary item]
  14. L&S Instructions on Spring 2020 Jobs
  15. Cypress Instructions
  16. Employee Class
  17. Student Help Jobs at the L&S Centralized Departments
  18. FA, AS, LI, CP, CJ, CL, ET, SA, OT, $0 Jobs at the L&S Centralized Departments
  19. Calculator
  20. LOA [Glossary item]
  21. FTE [Glossary item]
  22. ETF [Glossary item]
  23. L&S University Staff Time Reporting
  24. L&S Admin Training - "Academic Staff: Rate and Title Change Requests and Annual Promotion Review"