1. DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) [Glossary item]
  2. Effective Dates of DARS Exceptions
  3. Submitting UW-Madison Grade Changes Electronically
  4. How to View Your UW-Madison DARS Report
  5. UW Information on Allegations of Discrimination in the Awarding of a Grade
  6. "Q" Grades UW-Madison
  7. L&S Grade Appeal Information
  8. UW-Madison Religious Observances & Accommodations Policy
  9. Deadline for Submitting Work After an Incomplete (I) Grade
  10. UW-Madison No Report (NR) Grade
  11. Quality of Work Requirements for L&S Undergraduates
  12. Submitting Grades of UW Students
  13. UW-Madison Policy for Retaining Records & Grades
  14. UW-Madison Summer Session Final Exam Information
  15. UW-Madison "DR" on Transcript
  16. UW-Madison Undergraduate Grading Information
  17. Grade Change Policy for L&S Undergraduate Students
  18. UW Policies & Procedures Concerning Grades and Grading
  19. UW-Madison NW (No Work) Grade Information
  20. Process for Appealing a Grade in an L&S Course
  21. How L&S Departments Should Approach Student Grade Appeals
  22. Accessing UW-Madison Final Grades
  23. Transfer Credits and Grades From Other Universities to UW-Madison
  24. Extended Incomplete (EI) Requests in L&S
  25. UW-Madison Incomplete (I) Grade Information