1. Withdrawing from UW-Madison
  2. L&S Climate Committee Survey Reports [Campus login required]
  3. Submitting an Exception or Adjustment to L&S Academic Requirements (DARS-X)
  4. Class Attendance Policy for Students at UW-Madison
  5. L&S Community Support: Information for Helping a Student Who Seems to be in Distress
  6. UW-Madison US Military Active Duty and Deployment Policy
  7. SOAR Attendance Policies in L&S
  8. L&S Scholarships
  9. Hold on Records - L&S Procedures & Information
  10. UW-Madison: Obtaining Tuition & Fees Information
  11. L&S Undergraduate Advising Appointment Set Up
  12. Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  13. Campus-Wide Information on Accommodations for Students
  14. UW-Madison Mid-term Evening Exam Policy
  15. FERPA [Glossary item]