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L&S TA Planning

This document contains instructions for the annual TA staffing exercise in L&S. This page has been updated for academic year 2023-24.

2023-24 TA Planning Exercise

Changes for 2023-24 exercise:

  • The format of the TA planning spreadsheet has changed:
    • L&S TLA will send draft materials to each L&S department/program.
    • We are not asking for grader/reader plans; these positions do not require L&S approval.
    • Updated TA planning spreadsheets are due February 8, 2023 via email to
  • Departments/programs should use the Instructional Staffing Request form to send changes outside of this exercise.

TA Planning spreadsheet

The TA Planning spreadsheet is a document assembled by L&S Teaching & Learning Administration, based on the Teaching Assistant Plans that departments completed for academic year 2022-23. L&S is asking departments/programs to update this planning spreadsheet with their current plans for academic year 2023-24. Note: Summer Term TAs are included in a department's summer budget proposal.

This exercise is intended to help departments/programs plan how to best deploy their TA resources. This process also documents TA position and workload details in a simple and systematic format for easy reference by departmental staff and chairs as well as L&S administration. 

The TA Planning spreadsheet will typically show one row per course. Otherwise, there will be multiple rows for a course if there is more than one type of TA appointment associated with it (e.g., head TA). We anticipate that we missed some appointments when assembling this information, so please check for accuracy and make updates as needed.

Instructions for the TA Planning spreadsheet

  • Lynne Prost in L&S Teaching & Learning Administration will email each department/program with a TA planning spreadsheet.
  • Updated spreadsheets are due February 8, 2023 via email to
  • Lynne Prost will reply with the approval and follow up questions if needed

Department/program review:

  • Check for accuracy (course names, appt structure, appt %).
  • Courses with previously approved TA appointments will have 'Active' position status.
    • If TA position is needed in 2023-24: adjust the number of TAs planned for Fall and Spring semesters and make other changes as needed.
    • If the TA position is *not* needed in 2023-24, update the Position Status field to 'Inactive'.
  • Add rows for any new TA positions, and set the Position Status field to 'Pending'.
  • Use the 'Notes' column to highlight change or add details.
  • Do not modify the 'Date of last workload review' column; this column is for use by TLA staff.

2023-24 TA Planning spreadsheet fields

TA Plans for 2023-24
Field Description
  • List the number & names of courses with TAs
  • For positions not associated with a course, please describe as needed (e.g., Learning Centers, course development)
  • Make additional entries if there are multiple appointment types for a course, e.g., head TA.
Fall / Spring # of TAs

Planned headcount of TAs per semester. Please estimate to the best of your ability; you do not need approval by L&S admin to later adjust these numbers.

Appt Structure Briefly describe the structure of the position, e.g., number of discussions/labs. (ex: 4 discussions/TA)
Appt %

Appointment percentage of this position.

Position Status


  • Active - courses that are continuing to have TAs in 2023-24
  • Inactive - courses that will not have TAs in 2023-24
  • Pending - used for new TA positions for 2023-24

Add notes if modifying an existing position, or to add additional info as needed.

Date of last workload review

For use by L&S Admin staff, do not modify these dates.

101 TA Funding

The funding for most 101 funded TAs and graders: 101-A48##71, where '##' is the department number from your unit's UDDS.

  • All 101-funded TA expenditures will be charged to the department’s TA budget sheet at the end of the fiscal year. Any overspending on that budget sheet will result in a one-time charge to the department’s tally sheet.
  • Recognizing that departments have received ongoing tally sheet credits intended to help cover the costs of enrollment expansion, we anticipate that some of these credits will be shifted to the TA budget sheet to offset permanent increases in TA spending.
  • The TA budget sheet on the BSR includes itemized credits for one-time support from sources such as FIGs, Honors, Other Schools/Colleges, etc. You are strongly encouraged to review your TA budget sheet to understand the fiscal implications of your TA plans. Please contact Assistant Dean Mary Beth Roberts with questions regarding your TA budget sheet on the BSR.

Next Steps

  • Communicate changes via the Instructional Staffing Request form (Instructions).
    • Adding new TA positions:
      • Adding a TA to a new course
      • Adding a TA to an existing course that has not previously had TAs
      • Creating a one-time TA position, e.g., course development
    • Changing existing TA positions
      • Change the appointment % of an existing TA position
      • Change the structure of an existing TA position
    • Departments/programs do not need to use this form if changing the number of TAs approved during the annual planning exercise.
  • Curricular
    • The Course Guide entries must match your planning for enrollment limits and the structure and number of lab/discussion sections. Departments need to carefully monitor enrollments, both during the priority registration periods for the fall and spring semesters but also during the summer and January SOAR sessions.
    • Updates related to course access will be posted on the L&S KB: Course Access Landing Page
  • HR
    • Departments may begin to work on their TA offer letters once the approval is confirmed. The most up to date template letters are available on the L&S KB.
    • Reminder: Reader/Grader hours do not require approval.
    • Please contact your STS/SA HR Business Partner for personnel issues related to TA and grader appointments.

Contacts for L&S Administration

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