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  1. Gateway Author Resources
  2. Welcome to the College of Letters & Science Administrative Gateway!
  3. Quick Links
  4. L&S TA Training for Remote Teaching: Outline of training content
  5. L&S Letter Templates for Academic Staff, University Staff, TE and LI Appointments
  6. UW-Madison Incomplete (I) Grade Information
  7. Taking a UW-Madison Course Pass/Fail
  8. FTE (Full Time Equivalent) and Headcount
  9. Information on Auditing Courses for L&S Undergraduate Students
  10. UW-Madison No Report (NR) Grade
  11. L&S Payroll Planning Calendars
  12. L&S Letter Templates for Short-Term Staff
  13. L&S Graduation with Distinction
  14. Declaring Additional Majors Within L&S
  15. L&S Standard Rates for Short-term Staff and Student Assistants
  16. Dropping a Course at UW-Madison
  17. L&S Human Resources/Payroll Office Department Contacts
  18. L&S TA Training
  19. L&S Recruitment Tools
  20. L&S Student Assistant Appointment Letter Templates
  21. L&S Dean's List Qualifications
  22. L&S Policy on Lecturer Appointments
  23. Retaking a Course at UW-Madison
  24. L&S guidance for selecting course modality for Fall 2020 courses
  25. L&S Recruitment of Non-STS Academic Staff, University Staff and TE Appointments
  26. "Q" Grades UW-Madison
  27. Withdrawing from UW-Madison
  28. UW-Madison Cross-Listed and "Meets With" Course Information
  29. UW-Madison "DR" on Transcript
  30. L&S Business Policies and Forms
  31. Intermittent Furloughs
  32. L&S Retrocredit Requirements and Information
  33. L&S Post Degree Training
  34. L&S Major Declaration Information
  35. L&S Fall TA Training
  36. L&S Department ID/UDDS
  37. UW-Madison Winterim Course Credit
  38. L&S Honorary Fellow (Zero-Dollar) Appointments
  39. L&S Changes to BSR Accounting Rules for Staff Effective FY21
  40. Common Credit Load for L&S Undergraduate Students
  41. L&S Annual Planning Processes for Short-Term Staffing and TA Appointments
  42. L&S Equity & Diversity Committee (EDC)
  43. L&S AOF/CGRS: Information for Fellows
  44. New L&S Funding String for S&E and Student Hourly Allocations starting Fiscal Year 2021
  45. L&S Lump Sum Payments to UW Students Guide
  46. Adding a L&S breadth attribute to a course (for department faculty and staff)
  47. L&S Summer Budget Proposals
  48. UW-Madison Undergraduate Grading Information
  49. L&S Procedures on Fellowships
  50. L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Awards & Grants
  51. Criteria for the L&S undergraduate "Level" attribute
  52. UW Fund Numbers - What The First Three Digits Tell You
  53. L&S (UW-Madison) Undergraduate Classification & Class Standing
  54. L&S Payroll Schedules
  55. Dropping a Course After Deadline for L&S Students
  56. L&S Summer Budget Model
  57. L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Professional Development and Recognition Committee (PDRC)
  58. L&S Suggested Screening Criteria for University Staff Recruitments
  59. L&S E-Reimbursement/Travel
  60. L&S Recruitment of Short-Term Staff
  61. UW-Madison Credit/No Credit Grading
  62. L&S Non-renewal and/or Layoff of Fixed-Term Renewable and Rolling-Horizon Appointments
  63. L&S Nepotism, Conflict of Interest
  64. L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Initiatives
  65. L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI)
  66. COI in L&S: How to File an Outside Activities Report (OAR)
  67. Summer Accounting in L&S
  68. L&S Academic Planning Council?
  69. L&S Teaching Assistants: Teaching Resources
  70. FA, AS, LI, CP, CJ, CL, ET, SA, OT, $0 Jobs at the L&S Centralized Departments
  71. L&S New Employees -- Useful Resources
  72. AOF
  73. L&S Academic Planning Council Meeting - Agendas and Notes
  74. L&S Climate Committee - Members and Guiding Principles
  75. L&S AOF Resources
  76. Dept ID / Fund Code / Program Code Combo Errors and No Budget Errors
  77. L&S Policies Related to Holding Classes Off-Campus
  78. Facilities
  79. L&S New Employee Orientation
  80. L&S Policy on Volunteers
  81. Accessing UW-Madison Final Grades
  82. L&S General Interview Questions
  83. L&S Readiness Criteria for Summer and Fall 2020 Remote Instruction
  84. L&S Short-term Staffing Plans
  85. L&S Academic Staff Promotion
  86. L&S Spoken-English Proficiency for Teaching Assistants: Policies and Procedures
  87. UW-Madison Moving/Relocation Expense Reimbursement
  88. L&S Chairs and Directors: Selection, Elections, and Terms
  89. UW-Madison Religious Observances & Accommodations Policy
  90. L&S Curricular Deadlines for Course and Program Changes
  91. Adding "L&S Credit", Level, or Breadth undergraduate course designations to courses (for departments)
  92. L&S Brand Resources
  93. Campus Photography Resources
  94. Lecturer (SA) appointments in L&S: Minimum Qualifications, Course Assignments, Supervision, Evaluation
  95. L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Agendas and Minutes
  96. L&S Grade Appeal Information
  97. L&S: Proposing New Courses & Changing Existing Courses
  98. L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC)
  99. Criteria for the L&S Liberal Arts and Science ("LAS") attribute
  100. L&S Statement Regarding Online Lecture Notes Services and Authorized Presence in Classroom
  101. L&S Policy for Evaluating Short-Term Instructional Academic Staff
  102. L&S Fund Management: Sponsored vs. Non-Sponsored Projects
  103. L&S Electronic Device Form
  104. State of Wisconsin Policies on Printing and Photocopying
  105. UW-Madison Purchasing
  106. COI in L&S: Detailed Guidance Documents
  107. Summer Course Guidance in L&S
  108. I-9 Form
  109. L&S Climate Committee - How to address climate concerns
  110. UW-Madison Custodian Fund Advances
  111. L&S guidance on "low enrollment" course sections
  112. Declaring Additional Majors Outside of L&S as an L&S Undergraduate Students
  113. Taking ASL to Satisfy the L&S Foreign Language Requirements
  114. L&S Teaching/Research Dual Role Guidelines for Academic Staff
  115. L&S: New covid room capacities and extended standard meeting times
  116. L&S CGRS: Useful Fellowships and Grants Databases
  117. L&S Instructional Visiting Faculty
  118. Employee Class
  119. Conflict of Interest in L&S (COI)
  120. L&S Parking Information

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