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Policy - Storage of Departmental IT Equipment

TechZone policy regarding long-term storage of departmental IT equipment.

This article defines how the TechZone handles long-term storage of departmental computers and other IT equipment.

This policy does not apply to equipment currently in the TechZone because of an open ticket.


If a department has a computer for which it has no current use, the TechZone may store that computer on behalf of the department for up to one year. During that year, if the department finds a use for the computer, the TechZone will work with the department to prepare and redeploy it.

After a computer has been in TechZone storage for one year, or if the computer is in storage beyond its recommended replacement date, the TechZone will contact the department to ask about that device.

  • If the department would like to keep the computer, the TechZone will drop it off for storage within the department. The computer will be unformatted and require TechZone assistance before use.
  • If the department has no need of the computer, the TechZone will process the computer for SWAP. Computers submitted to the TechZone for SWAP cannot be returned to the department.

The TechZone tracks the status and location of all computers in storage and will report this information to departments each spring during annual inventory review or upon demand.

Storage of departmental computers is at the discretion of TechZone staff and subject to space availability. If the TechZone cannot store a computer, it will follow the procedure above for returning it to the department for storage.

Other Equipment

The TechZone does not store other IT equipment, such as printers or monitors, other than for currently open tickets. The TechZone may offer to SWAP such equipment on behalf of a department. As with computers, other IT equipment submitted to the TechZone for SWAP cannot be returned to the department.

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