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How to De-cross-list your Subject from a Course

A step-by-step guide on how to use the "short form" for removing oneself from a cross-list.


A cross-listed courses is a course offered under multiple subject listings where every other aspect of the course is the same across subjects (title, credits, description, learning outcomes, etc.).

Historically, cross-listing was a feature of the paper timetable (pre-digital academic catalog/Guide) where being cross-listed allowed a single course to be advertised under several subjects where the content was relevant. This structure migrated into the Student Information System in the late 1990s. This structure adds complexity related to scheduling in SIS and impacts data downstream in various other enterprise software systems.

Today, being cross-listed means all participating subjects own a course equally. This ownership may have changed over time without adjustment to the included subjects; thus, the self-removal of a subject from the cross-listing was incorporated into the Requisite Amnesty (RAP) and the Expedited Course Learning Outcome (CLO Expedited) projects. Outside of those projects, the onus of a course proposal to remove a subject from a cross-list fell to the subject wishing to be removed from the cross-list. This subject may not have an up-to-date syllabus, nor have a say on elements of the course such as learning outcomes, making it difficult to send through a full proposal.

The de-crosslisting process came from the need for a permanent, easy to remove a subject from a cross-list without requiring the elements of a “full” course proposal (up-to-date syllabus, title, description, learning outcomes, etc.). This “short form” disables many of the fields, allowing a subject to easily remove themselves from the cross-list where they no longer wish to be an owner.

Notes, Limitations, and Reminders:

  • The approval process follows the same workflow as a standard course proposal.
  • You can only propose to remove your own subject from a cross-listing; you cannot propose to remove another subject. Additionally, you cannot add subjects.
  • No other changes can be made via the Lumen Courses proposal form utilizing this expedited process (if changes are made before answering the de-cross-listing, the proposal will not advance to the University Curriculum Committee using the “short form”).
    • If changes were already made, but you would like to use the "short form" for de-crosslisting, you must either undo your changes, or ask for the proposal to be shredded and start over. To request a course proposal to be shredded, email
  • This process may not be utilized to re-arrange the order the cross-listed subjects listed.
  • The University Curriculum Committee treats these as a consent agenda item.


  1. Click the “Edit Course” button.
    Click edit green button

  2. Answer “Yes” to the question, “The purpose of this proposal is to remove your subject from a cross-listed course.”
    Displays the question on the form with the drop down of No or Yes.

  3. Select the term for which the changes take place. Removal of a cross-list follow the same deadlines as a full course change proposal.
    Shows the term selection field.

  4. Remove the subject(s) being de-cross-listed.
    1. If the subject being removed is listed in the Subject field, you will need to revise, selecting a subject from the “Select subjects that will be crosslisted” field. Additionally, you must remove that subject from the field “Select subjects that will be cross-listed.”
        Displays the first subject in the cross-list
        Shows the swapped subject and removal of a cross-list
      the final result of the previous imaged changes

    2. If there is only one other subject cross-listed, the answer to the question “Is this course cross-listed” should be changed to “No.”
      Shows the course with having a total of two subjects cross-listed
      Shows the bubble that specifies the course is not cross-listed
      The final version of saying the course is not cross-listed.

    3. If the course being removed is listed in the “Select subjects that will be cross-listed field”, click “(Remove…)” after the subject being de-crosslisted.
      Shows multiple cross-listings
      Removes one cross-listed subject
      Final look removing a single subject from the cross-list

  5. Answer the rational for the changes question.
  6. Add/remove subjects outside of unit that should be aware of this change (optional).
  7. Submit to workflow.

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