Course Proposal: Rationale for the Course

This section of the form is used to provide information about the purpose of the course and the role it will play in the curriculum. None of the information entered here is part of the catalog entry for the course. Each of the questions is intended to help proposal reviewers understand how the course will be used and why it is needed.

Why is this course being proposed? In responding to this question, be sure to answer the following: What gap in the curriculum is this course fulfilling? What is the purpose of the course? What degree and/or major requirement(s) will this fulfill?  

This question is used by the reviewers of the proposal during the approval process. Indicating a specific degree/major etc. will not automatically add it to the requirements. Among other things, the purpose of this question is to explain the need for creating this course.

For course change proposals the questions are slightly different but the intention is the same. Address why the changes are needed and/or how the changes will address an identified problem or need.

What is the estimated enrollment for the course?  

Understanding the intended size of the course it helpful in understanding how the course will be taught and the role it will play in the curriculum.

How many qualified instructors in the primary unit will be able to teach the course?  

It is important to assure that the course is sustainable over time. If there is an insufficient number of regular faculty and instructional academic staff who are qualified to teach this course it is unlikely that the course will be taught regularly. For more information, see the Policy on Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Staff.

Address the relationship of the course to other UW-Madison courses, including the duplication of content, both inside and outside the primary unit.  

It is recommended that the proposer search the Course Search and Enroll using key words, review of courses in related subject listings, etc. to make sure that the same or very similar course does not already exist. Failure to do so will slow down the approval process.

What subjects (if any) might be interested in this course?  

There is an expectation that subject owners will consult with other areas that offer similar or overlapping courses. Selecting subject listings here will notify the subject owner that this proposal has been submitted, however the approval of the subject owner is not part of the course proposal approval process. If the subject owner has questions or concerns about the proposal they may enter a comment which should be addressed as soon as possible by the course proposer. Failure to do so will slow down the approval process.

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