Course Proposal: System Functionality

A brief overview on the Lumen Course proposal system and how to navigate certain standard features.

Searching for a course or proposal

It is important to note that the search includes all courses in the course catalog, courses with an active proposal and courses that have been discontinued (deactivated) but had enrollment within the past 8 years.
From the main landing page for the course proposal system users can use the search box to find courses and proposals based on subject code, subject code and course number (the course proposal system refers to this as the "course code"), title, or course key (at the bottom right corner of the course proposal).
When searching course titles, the wild card * must be used if anything appears before or after the search word.  For example, MATH* will find everything that starts with “MATH”, *MATH everything that ends with “MATH”, and *MATH* everything that contains “MATH”. 
The subject must be the code used in the Course Guide, Guide etc. (aka the "short descr") rather than the numeric code or a derivation of the standard code. For example "PS" will return no results, nor will 778 or POLISCI but POLI SCI returns all courses, proposals and discontinued courses for the Political Science subject.
Searching by course number alone is not recommended (it will search for the Lumen course key instead of a catalog number). Other things to note, special characters will break the search. For example, searching for "women's" will search "women"; the apostrophe ends the search abilities.
Quick Searches
- Added courses = all new courses where there is an active proposal in the system that has not yet been completed
- Edited courses = all courses where a proposal has been edited.
- Deactivated courses = courses that are discontinued but have had enrollment in the past 8 years and therefor the number is not eligible for use on a new course.
- Deactivated & In Workflow = courses that have a deactivation proposal in workflow.

Checking the status of a proposal

A course with nothing in the workflow or status columns does not currently have a proposal in this proposal system and the course is currently active in the SIS course catalog.
The status column indicates whether there is a proposal for that course in the system. "added" means there is a current active proposal in process.
The workflow status indicates which step of workflow the proposal is currently at. If the Status is "added" and Workflow is blank then a proposal has been started but not submitted to workflow.
Clicking on the course is the search results will open the proposal. On the right side is a list of workflow steps. Steps in green have been completed. The current step is in orange.

How to start a course proposal

If it is a new course proposal click the propose new coursebutton to open a new proposal form.
If it is a course change proposal, search for the course in question and select the green "Edit Course" button to initiate a course change proposal or red "Deactivate" button to initiate a discontinuation proposal.
change or discontinue

Saving or submitting a proposal

Users may start a proposal and come back later to complete it and submit it to workflow. At the bottom of the proposal form are 3 buttons.buttons
Cancel = removes all edits made since the proposal was last saved.
Save Changes = Saves the proposal in its current state but does not submit it to the approval workflow. Users are encouraged to save changes frequently as the system does time out and changes can be lost.
Start Workflow = starts the approval workflow process.

What requires a course proposal?

The creation of any course.
All changes to existing courses that include:
Grading basis
Component types
Topic eligibility
Course designations (honors, grad, breadth, gen ed, workplace, foreign language)
Learning outcomes

How to filter email notifications  

All users who are in a workflow approver role must be included in the email notifications sent by the proposal system. Some users may wish to automatically direct these messages to a specific folder within their email account. 
General information regarding how to do this is available from the DoIT helpdesk. 

(Note: For consistency, it is highly recommended that you manage Inbox Rules via Outlook on the web. In addition, when you setup a rule in Outlook on the web the rule will be applied regardless of the client you are using.)
The subject lines used all start with [Course Proposal System]

Red/Green Markup

The course change (edit) proposal form utilizes “red/green markup” to indicate where changes to the existing course have been made. When a course change proposal is initiated the proposal system pulls up the most recent proposal completed for the course in question. If the course has never had a proposal completed in this system it will simply pull the course catalog data that is stored in SIS and populate those fields only. 
When the proposer changes the text stored in the form fields this will show as red/green markup. New text will be in green and deleted text will be in red.

Entering Comments

Anyone can enter a comment on a course proposal that has been submitted to workflow. Search for the proposal and click on the green Add Comment button to open a text box. Save when finished.
add comment
The comments will be added to the Reviewer Comments section at the very bottom of the proposal with the commenter's name, and the date entered.
Note: This system does NOT send an email notification when a comment is entered. It is recommended that you contact the person listed at the top of the proposal or email those associated with the relevant workflow role. If the proposal needs to be edited, use the Rollback function.

Removing a proposal from the approval process

Occasionally a proposal will be started but it is determined that it should not be approved and completed and instead should be removed from the course proposal system. This is called "shredding" the proposal. If there is a proposal that should be shredded email: to request that it be shredded. Proposals that have expired will also be shredded.

URL for a specific course proposal  

The URL for a specific course or course proposal is
where the ### is replaced by the key. Ex.
The key appears at the very bottom of course entry in the right hand corner.

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