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Guide: Overview - Undergraduate

This document provides a general overview of the features within the Guide.

Guide Overview

Accessing the Guide/Lumen App:

  1. Go to My UW.

    1. Recommended browsers for editing are Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  You can use Internet Explorer or Safari but they MUST be the most up-to-date versions or the site will not work properly.

  2. Add Lumen to your MyUW dashboard.

3. Enter Lumen Guide through the Academic Catalog / Guide.

Navigating the Guide/Finding your page:

  1. Navigate through the Guide through various options:

    1. Clicking on undergraduate/graduate.

  1. Typing in search options in the bar.

  1. Browsing the Undergraduate Catalog

  1. The site is meant to be mobile and tablet friendly, so it will modify the screen content based on the device used.

  2. You can View as list if you prefer a list style, or you can scroll through the degrees and certificates (default).

  1. You can navigate through a specific school or college by using the right side tabs.

  1. Departments or Department-like entities are not a landing page because of the unique academic structure at UW-Madison.  You can find the home department for any degree/major/cert by looking through the bread-crumbs of a major/certificate page owned by the department.

  2. If you are curious who is in the workflow, and where the page might be at in the workflow, click on the blue workflow text at the bottom of the page.

  1. Editing in the Guide

The Guide serves as a contract between the student and the University, an important purpose of the Guide is to have a single source of truth, with a focus on accurate and current degree/major/certificate requirements.  The archive within the Guide holds historical degree/major/certificate requirements, so the current edition does NOT need to have everything that ever counted towards the requirements, just the current requirements. See [Link for document 69383 is unavailable at this time] for which pages can be edited in Guide and which pages require a Lumen Program proposal.

  1. Once on a page that you are wanting to edit, click on the Edit Page. You will need to do this for each page you edit.

Do NOT click the Start Workflow button at the bottom of the page until you are ready to advance your pages to the next person within your workflow.  This includes all the various tabs on the right hand side navigation. If you press the Start Workflow button and you are not finished with all of your content, you will need to email the next person in the workflow and ask them to send it back.

  1. There are various tabs in the edit bar for populating content in the Guide.  If there is no content in tab, the tab will not display on the side navigation in the Guide.  The blue arrows at the far right of the edit bar will scroll through the options.  

The following tabs are for the degree/major/certificate pages:

  1. Contact List:

Edits the right hand boxes with preferred contact information.  These can include whomever you want students to contact.

  1. Page Body:

This is the the Overview tab.  Edit this in two ways, by clicking the pencil icon and Page Body in the top navigation bar OR by clicking the Edit Page Body pencil.

  1. Accuracy Report:

Shows where errors exist on pages (i.e. courses that do not exist).  

Note: If you are borrowing or sharing content on a page, it will NOT display the errors.  Run the Accuracy Report from the main page where the content resides.

  1. Show Differences:

Shows changes on a page.  Green displays items added.  Red displays items deleted.

  1. View as PDF:

Populates a condensed version of the degree/major/certificate page for printing purposes.

  1. Help:

Offers vendor provided help content.  Depending on where in the Guide you need help, the vendor provides a generic PDF help guide OR specific walkthrough instructions and videos.  If the vendor help doesnt answer the question, email the Lumen Trainer & Administrator for specific instructions on how to make edits.

  1. How to Get in:

Specifies to students how they declare or apply for a degree/major/certificate. This is updated via Lumen Programs.

  1. Requirements:

*All requirements pages must be structured in a similar way for consistency.* Requirements are updated via Lumen Programs: Program Proposal: Curriculum and Requirements

  1. General Education Requirements:

Gen Ed requirements apply to all undergraduate students and are listed first in the requirements tab.  These cannot be edited unless they change campus-wide.

    1. Courses that fill the five requirements above (Com A, Com B, QR-A, QR-B, and Ethnic Studies) have the mortar board cap

  1. Page navigation:

If a page seems too long and you want students to easily find what they are looking for, you can anchor specific headers on the page: [Link for document 69389 is unavailable at this time] .

  1. School/College Requirements:

These are in the Other Content and cannot be changed at the editor level.  

  1. Select one of the following options: Guide: "Select from the following" in course lists

This should be used if a student can take more than two (2) courses to fulfill a requirement.

  1. Concurrent options:

These should be used if a student is required to take two courses to fill a requirement.

  1. Cross-listed courses:

All cross-listed courses will automatically list each subject short descriptions before the course number.  

  1. Footnotes:

Footnotes can be as robust as needed to let students know all the restrictions/options available for filling a requirement. [Link for document 69384 is unavailable at this time]

  1. Options:

Options can be used if there are multiple ways to fulfill a requirement.

  1. Toggle Headers:
    Toggling can be used to hide long lists of courses that students could take to complete a requirement.  This cannot be done in a course list. Guide: Toggle Headers

  1. Links:

Links can be used to link to content inside or outside the Guide, including email addresses.

  1. Anchors:

Anchors allow on-the-page navigation if the content is lengthy: [Link for document 69389 is unavailable at this time] .

  1. In-line courses:

Courses can be listed within text outside of the database field bubbles.

  1. Learning Outcomes:

These are set by the Provosts Office.  Do not change these. Lumen Program Form: Program Learning Outcomes and Assessment Section

  1. Four-Year Plan:

A tab that allows you to tell the student how they can graduate in four years with a specific degree/major.  It can be as detailed as you would like it to be. This tab can only be updated via a Lumen Programs proposal. Lumen Program Proposal: Four-Year Plans (Table Help)

  1. Advising and Careers:

A tab that students can go to find advising, information on careers, or internships specific to their degree/major/certificate.

  1. People:

The vendor migrated the People content to the department homepage and is set up as borrowed content to the degree/major/certificates page. This is your information to edit/populate as you see fit. Content can include faculty, staff, and administration.

  1. Wisconsin Experience:

This tab can include information such as Study Abroad, Research Opportunities, Service Learning, Student Organizations, or other similar experiences that make attending the University of Wisconsin - Madison unique.

  1. Certification and Licensure:

This tab is for specific instructions on any required certification or licensure.

  1. Resources and Scholarship:

This tab allows departments or degree/major/certificates to present specific information regarding any scholarships, other financial assistance, or other resources available to students pursuing those degrees/majors/certificates.

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