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Guide: Toggle Headers

This document provides instruction on when and how to use toggle headers.

Toggle Headers


  • Toggle headers should be used when there is a lengthy course-list that makes navigating a page difficult.  

  • The toggle headers are ONLY available on toggle Header 3 and toggle Header 4.  

  • These will encapsulate everything between that header and the next header equal to or greater than the header you are toggling.  

    • If you use a Header 4 under a Header 3, it will collapse both headers.  

    • If you have a Header 2 after a Header 3, the toggle will only go up to Header 2.

    • If you have a Header 3 Toggle and then a regular Header 3, it will stop before the non-toggled header.

  • Toggling cannot be done inside of a course list.

  • Typing header text in all CAPS or copying and pasting header text to another similar page will cause the header text to appear in all CAPS in the Guide: Page Anchors.

  • Toggle headers default closed when navigating to a page.

  1. Edit the page in which you’d like to use the toggle header.

  2. Highlight the header that you want to make into a toggle.

  1. Select the correct header (either Heading 3 or Heading 4)

  1. Select the type of header you want (H3 Toggle or H4 Toggle)

  1. Inside your edit box, this is what the new header will look like:

  1. Click “OK” and then “OK” to save.

  2. This will be the end result:

Removing Toggling Headers

  1. Select/highlight the header

  1. Click the drop-down with the “H3 Toggle” and click the appropriate toggle header you are using (either the H3 Toggle or H4 Toggle).

  1. This clears all of the formatting.

  1. Re-set the header to the level it should be at.

  1. This is what it will look like after those steps:

  1. Click “OK” to save.

For more help, contact the Lumen help team:

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