Course Proposal: Getting Started

Each major section of the course proposal form has a KnowledgeBase (KB) page with field-by-field instructions and references to related policy. Please open these documents as you complete each section and read the information associated with each question on the form. There are some differences between this form and the previous course proposal form.

You can also click on the blue dotblue dot next to each field or question to access the help information for that specific question.

NOTE: This system will time out.  Go to the bottom of the form and click save changes at least once an hour to avoid losing your work.

Course Proposal Review Process: Purpose, Standards and Responsibilities
Those proposing a course should understand their responsibilities when submitting a course proposal. Proposals that do not meet all standards will be rolled back for revision.

Course Proposal Expiration Policy
Once a course proposal has been started it is important to complete the full proposal and approval process in a timely manner. A proposer has 6 months (180 days) from the time the proposal is started to submit it to workflow. Once a proposal is in workflow it must be completed within 1 year (365 days). Any proposal that fails to meet these deadlines will be removed from the proposal system.

It is the responsibility of the course proposer to make sure that the proposal is moving through the approval process in a timely manner.

Catalog Pages referencing this course: 
This section is only available on course change and deactivation proposals. It shows which pages in the Guide reference the course based on the subject/course number combination. 

In the catalog requisites:
This section is only available on course change and deactivation proposals. It shows courses that reference this course in the Requisites field.

In the catalog description:
This section is only available on course change and deactivation proposals. It shows courses that reference this course in the course description field.

Proposal contact information: 
This defaults to the name, email address ( and phone number of the person logged in to the system. It may be changed if there is someone else who should be contacted with questions about the proposal. The email address and phone are based on university directory information and these fields are not editable. Only those with access to the course proposal system are available.

NOTE: The person who submits the proposal to workflow will always be the proposer of the course and will be the one who receives notification emails from workflow. 

Type of Approval: 
The default value is Governance Approval. Administrative Approval is the other option and it is only available to administrators of the course proposal system. In limited situations the school/college curriculum coordinators, in consultation with the course proposal system administrator, may decide that a course change or deactivation proposal does not require full governance approval because the changes in question are considered technical corrections.

Course ID: 
Only appears for course change proposals, this is the SIS key field that identifies a unique course in the course catalog.

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