Lumen Programs: Proposal Roles and Responsibilities

This document is designed to provide individuals working within the Lumen Program proposal form more clarity on the various roles and responsibilities as the proposal moves through workflow.

High-Level Overview for All Users 

Following are some key points all users should consider while working within the Lumen Program proposal form:

Role of Academic Planning and Governance 

Academic planning and ultimately the routing of academic program proposals through the appropriate governance structures enables three important components of creating and delivering quality academic programs at UW–Madison:

  1. Thorough Communication: Through this process, key stakeholders are informed of and have a chance to assess new programs and/or changes to existing programs. This helps the university, the schools and colleges, and the departments consider potential impacts broadly.
  2. Adequate Peer Review: With substantive governance review, the university and its faculty can assess how/if a proposal meets all policy standards and the standards of the discipline. In addition, program faculty can be satisfied with the public discussion of an academic program proposal.
  3. Ready for Students: When a proposal is thoroughly evaluated, it allows all stakeholders to consider how/if the needs of students are being met and served.

Lumen Program Proposal Form 

The program proposal combines the following items into a single form in the Lumen system:

Roles and Responsibilities at Pre-Proposal and Proposal Workflow Stages


Before Submitting to Workflow 

Vested Interest, Support, and Approval  

Program Proposer 

Department Review and Approval 

School/College Admin Reviewer 

School/College Review and Approval 

DARS FYI (if applicable) 

Assessment Admin FYI 

APIR Admin 

GFEC Approver (if applicable) 

UAPC Approver 

APIR-UW System (if applicable) 

APIR-Board of Regents (if applicable) 

APIR-HLC (if applicable) 

DARS FYI (if applicable) 

Registrar (Office of the Registrar) 

Implementation Meetings 

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