Lumen: Open Help Tickets and Known Issues

A centralized location for all open tickets with the vendor. All issues/upgrades that impact end users will be listed here.

Open Tickets:

Although we regularly check in with the vendor for status updates on open tickets, they have their own methods for prioritizing development requests and bug fixes that can sometimes result in our tickets not being resolved for several weeks (or months).

  • No open tickets
*Contact Jen Brown ( or Eric MacKay ( for all Guide related issues.

Lumen Courses

  • 2019-12-10: Bridge Sync error: POLI SCI 260 has some anomalies related to subject short descriptions in the cross-listed subjects which has broken some of the data that needs to bridge into SIS. Until fixed, this course cannot be edited. (last update 2020-12-17)


  • 2019-12-19: Course record reconciliation error: During the changeover from the Online Course Proposal System to Lumen Courses, about 20 course records in SIS and Lumen Courses became out of sync. The software cannot reconcile the differences between what is in SIS and in Lumen Courses. The vendor is individually looking at each course to determine the action needed to allow edits to be made to these courses. (last update 2020-05-12)

Error Message

  • 2020-01-27: When creating a course proposal and utilizing the 'floating' save button and immediately submitting to workflow, the syllabus does not save in the form. Per the vendor, this will require substantial development work (which is under way) but will take some time to complete. (last update 2020-05-12)
  • 2020-07-02: Some course titles are not showing up in the scrolly-bar at the top of /courseadmin/. (last update 2020-08-19)
  • 2020-07-22: When rolling back courses to the initial proposer, the roller backer receives an error. The course proposal is rolled back - the functionality works, but the error shows up. (last update 2020-07-24)
  • 2020-08-19: Courses are not going back on the shelf from the PeopleSoft step of workflow.
  • 2020-08-26: Workflow is duplicating roles; isn't moving courses out of workflow steps that are supposed to sync overnight
Lumen Programs
    • 2020-08-04: When a program changes department, the workflow does not reflect approval for both the old and new department. This update is considered an 'enhancement.' (last update 2020-08-19)
    Lumen Structures
    • No open tickets
    *Contact Melissa Schultz ( or Michelle Young ( for Lumen Courses/Programs/Structures related issues.

    Current Pending Upgrades:

    • Additional fields added to the set up of each Guide page to create a connection to the academic structure in the data (TCFDB)
      • Fields added in next-guide. ODMAS re-prioritized their open tickets and anticipate they will be able to incorporate this data in December/January (2021) (last update 2020-05-12)
    Lumen Courses
    • No current upgrades
    Lumen Programs
    • Changes to various fields on the Lumen Programs form, work will take place over summer 2020.
    • New integration point for 3-year plans
      • Verified working in TEST (last update 2020-05-12)
    • Functionality to identify courses and their current status (discontinued, changed, new (last update 2020-6-26)
    • Batch/grouping for proposals as they move through workflow.
    Lumen Structures
      • No current upgrades
      Overall System
      • Nightly update of the User Provisioning Data File
      • New form for Credit by/Placement Exam proposals
        • New site available. Form needs to be built, which will happen after all program changes are moved into production (last update 2020-08-28)
      • Reports are not working from the console. (last update 2020-08-20)

      Recent Upgrades:

      Lumen Courses
      • Customized email notification to programs that utilize a course with an in process course change proposal (new FYI email) Working in production (last update: 2020-08-28)
      • New bridge fields for the Sustainability and Practical Learning Experience attributes.
      • Enforced character limit (400 characters) for course learning outcomes
      • Notes field added in the administrative top section of the form for utilization of third-party test credit equivalencies
      Lumen Programs
      • Templates for integration points (fields that are populated in Lumen and appear in Guide) for new program proposals
      • Enforced character limit (400 characters) for program learning outcomes
      Lumen Structures
      • Quick Search in the Dashboard by 'request type'

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