1. Lumen: Deadlines (2021-2022 academic year)
  2. Lumen Programs: Proposal Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Lumen: Date Fields in Programs, Courses, and Structures
  4. Program Proposal: Approvals
  5. Guide Publishing
  6. Lumen Policy: Single Source of Truth
  7. Program Proposal: Assigning Common Attribute Framework (CAF) Values in the Administrative Section
  8. Lumen Programs: Fixing 'Red-box' Courses
  9. Lumen Programs: Administrative Process for 'Reactivate', 'Suspend, will be Discontinued', and 'Discontinued'
  10. Lumen Programs: Parent Plan + Child Subplan Proposal Accompaniment
  11. Lumen Reports
  12. Program Proposal: Diversity and Inclusion
  13. Lumen Policy: Midcycle Updates
  14. How to Access Lumen Courses or Lumen Programs
  15. Lumen Policy: Promotional Pages
  16. Lumen Policy: Course Draw Principles/Logic
  17. Lumen Policy: Guide Course List Principles for Inclusion/Display in the Guide
  18. Lumen Policy: Guide Approved Language for New or Discontinued Programs
  19. Help
  20. Program Proposal: Curriculum and Requirements
  21. Academic and Curricular Repository Action Committee (ACPRAC)
  22. Lumen Policy: Rules for Including Academic Pages in the Guide
  23. Guide: Inserting In-line Courses
  24. Lumen: APIR/RO Roles and Responsibilities Lumen/Student Information System
  25. Program Proposal: Suspension and Discontinuation
  26. Guide: How to include a range of credits
  27. Program Proposal: Resources, Budget and Finance
  28. Program Proposal: Program Review
  29. Guide/Lumen Programs: Table help
  30. Lumen Programs: Curriculum and Requirements - Undergraduate Certificates
  31. Program Proposal: For Administrative Use
  32. Program Proposal: Related Programs
  33. Program Proposal: Commitments
  34. Program Proposal: Rationale and Justifications
  35. Program Proposal: Supporting Information
  36. Program Proposal: Basic Information
  37. Program Proposal: Faculty and Staff Resources
  38. Program Proposal: Program Learning Outcomes and Assessment
  39. Program Proposal: Four-Year Plans
  40. Program Proposal: Vested Interest, Supporting Information, and Approval
  41. Lumen Programs: File Naming Conventions
  42. Guide: "Select from the following" in course lists
  43. Guide: How to use Footnotes
  44. Lumen: Linking to Course, Program, or Structures Proposals
  45. Guide: How to Access Lumen Programs from Guide