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Learn@UW/D2L - Service issue involving quizzes, Nov 13, 2013

Posted: 09:47:43, Thursday, Nov 14, 2013   Expiration: 15:47:43, Thursday, Nov 21, 2013

Some users experience errors accessing quizzes (all campuses except UW Milwaukee).

Update (Nov 19):


Desire2Learn has made additional progress in diagnosing the intermittent service issue affecting the quiz tool. 


Although not solidly confirmed, D2L's current analysis suggests the issue is most likely a result of a performance problem associated with a specific database stored procedure.  A fix for this issue is available in Service Pack 16 for LE 10.0.


Although we cannot say with certainty that this will resolve the issue, we have determined to accelerate our testing and deployment of SP16 as the next step. Acceptance testing is currently underway on the UWS and UWM Beta environments.


If we do not identify additional problems through acceptance testing, we intend to deploy SP16 to the UWS production environment on Thursday morning (5am to 7am CST).


Posted (Nov 14):


All campuses, except for UW Milwaukee, experienced problems with quizzing November 13 from about 10:19am to 10:34am and again from about 2:18pm to 2:34pm. Students and instructors active in quizzing might have seen Internal Errors during those times.


There were additional intermittent incidents Thursday, November 14. One was from about 12:14pm to 12:37pm and another from 1:14pm to 2:03pm.


We continue our investigation and have a High Urgency ticket open with D2L. Utility and D2L technicians are actively engaged.

-- Learn@UW Utility

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