Learn@UW/D2L - Deleting Student Quiz Attempts

Students may submit quiz attempts in Learn@UW courses that need to be deleted. Reasons for this include that the quiz had problems or the student should not have made the attempt at that time.

To delete (or reset) quiz attempts for students, do the following:

  1. Go to the course and navigate to the Quizzes tool.  (In most courses, you can reach the Quizzes tool by selecting Edit Course on the course navigation bar and then clicking the Quizzes link on the "Course Administration" page that appears.  The Quizzes link can be found under the "Assessment" heading if grouped by category, otherwise, all tools are listed alphabetically.)

  2. In the list of quizzes, select Grade from the drop-down by the quiz.

  3. On the Users tabbed page of "Grade Quiz", you should see the 'Reset' icon ( reset ) that looks like a small trash can just above the "First Name, Last Name" header.

    Reset icon in Grade Quiz

    If you don't see the 'Reset' icon, do the following so it will appear:

    1. Press the Display Options button near the top.

    2. In the "Display Options" dialog, check the box by "Allow Reset" and press Save.

      Allow reset option
  4. Check the box(es) by the attempt(s) you want to delete.

    Delete the attempts

  5. Click the 'Reset' icon mentioned above to delete (reset) the attempts.
  6. You will be issued a confirmation dialog to proceed (press Yes) or back out (press No).

    Confirm Reset

Deleting attempts will automatically erase or adjust the quiz scores. For example, if a student received scores of 60% and 80% on two attempts and the average of attempts is used to determine the overall score, resetting the attempt with the lower score changes the student's overall score from 70% to 80%.

If the quiz has been set to automatically export scores to the gradebook, the gradebook will be appropriately updated.