Learn@UW/D2L - Quiz Time Limit Enforcement Issues

This document answers some questions regarding time limits set in quizzes and their enforcement.

Q. If a student exits a quiz without saving it and later returns to resume taking the quiz, does the quiz clock stop during the interim?

A. No, the quiz clock continues to run if the quiz is exited. A student cannot use this 'trick' to buy more time.

Q. Can quiz questions be answered or quizzes be submitted beyond the time limit?

A. This depends upon the options set in the quiz to handle the time limit. (See answer to next question.)

Q. What happens when a student submits a quiz beyond the time limit?

A. The effect of late quiz submittals depends upon the settings in the Timing section on the Restrictions tabbed page in the quiz.


If the Enforced check box is not checked, there is no time limit in effect.

If the Enforced check box is checked, the effect of submitting a quiz late depends upon the "Late Submissions" options selected:

It is up to the instructor to decide how to adjust the final quiz score while grading the quiz manually.

Q. Can the instructor tell if the student submitted the quiz late as well as which questions were answered late?

A. The instructor can tell if a student submitted a quiz late and if so, how many minutes late. For example,

Late Submittal

Unfortunately, the instructor cannot tell which questions were answered or changed late. The quizzes event log indicates when students saved responses to individual questions on time.

For example, suppose the Auto-Submit Attempt option is in effect and a student answered the first 20 questions in a 22 question quiz on time.  The quizzes event log may show something like this:

Quiz Event Log

Neither the quizzes event log nor the quiz results would show any record of the student answering questions 21 or 22 or changing other responses to other questions late.