Learn@UW/D2L - Sending Correct Quiz Scores to Gradebook after Max Points for Grade Item has been Changed

If a quiz that's associated with a grade in the Gradebook has "allow automatic export to grades" checked, the quiz scores are sent to the Gradebook. However, if 'Max Points' for the grade item associated to the quiz is subsquently changed, the grades will be changed and will not match the quiz scores.

For example, if a quiz score of 90% is achieved and associated with a grade item worth 10 points, a grade of 90% (9 out of 10 points) will be sent to the grade item. However, if the grade item is later changed to be worth 12 points, the grade will be changed to 75% (9 out of 12 points) in the gradebook.  

The following procedure corrects these grades in the gradebook so they match the quiz scores:

  1. Go to the Quizzes tool in your course.

  2. Select Grade from the drop-down by the quiz.

  3. Select the Users tabbed page (if not already selected).

  4. Click the blue 'Select/unselect Graded' icon ( Graded Switch ) near "Published" at the right once or twice as needed to mark all attempts as ungraded (un-checked).

  5. Press the Save button.

  6. Click the blue 'Select/unselect Graded' icon ( Graded Switch ) near "Published" at the right to mark all attempts as re-graded (checked).

  7. Press the Save and Close button.

The grades in the associated grade item will have been corrected to match the quiz scores.

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