Learn@UW/D2L - Dropping a Question from a Quiz

After students have taken a quiz, an instructor may decide that a question ought to be dropped. The procedure below describes how to drop a question from a quiz after it has been taken and revise the grades for the modified quiz:

  1. Select the Quizzes tool.

  2. Select Grade from the drop-down by the quiz.

  3. Select the Questions tab.

  4. Select Update All Attempts.
  5. Select the link for the question to be dropped.

  6. If  multiple versions of the question are present, select the Grade Quiz icon ( check & ruler ) for the version of the question to drop.

  7. Under Grading Type, specify "Give to all attempts 0 points".

  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Go Back to Questions.

  10. Select Edit from the drop-down by the quiz name near the top.

  11. Select the Properties tab if not already there.

  12. Select Add/Edit questions.

    Note: Before proceeding, you might want to make sure you have a copy in the library or you will never have this question again to pull into a quiz.

  13. Check the question to delete and select Delete.

  14. Select Done Editing Questions. Note that your revised quiz, with a question dropped, is now worth fewer points than the original quiz.

  15. Select Grade by the drop-down near the top.

  16. If the scores are not set to automatically export into the gradebook, click Export to Grades near the upper left corner.

  17. If the revised quiz is to be worth fewer points (or weighted less) towards the final grade, go to the gradebook and change the number of points (or weight) for the grade item.