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Honorlock - Known Issue - Errors occur when clicking outside the testing window

Chromium web browsers are unable to bring an Honorlock window back into focus if a student clicks outside the window.

Usually, if a student clicks outside of the test window while taking an Honorlock exam, or moves another window on top of the test window, the browser will bring the test window back into focus within three seconds. 

However, students working in Honorlock on a Windows computer might experience an error where the web browser cannot bring the test window back into focus, allowing the student to open windows above the test window.


  • Students accessing Honorlock on a Windows computer, who click outside the testing window.

  • Instructors grading Honorlock quizzes


This issue is present as of 15 March 2024. The vendor has been notified and is working on a solution.


  • Honorlock amended the screen warnings for users who move outside the exam window while in Windows. 

  • If a test session was affected by the bug, it will be marked with a high flag, indicating that it should be reviewed by faculty.

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