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Kaltura - How to Adjust Microphone Levels (UW-Madison)

Kaltura has developed new screen and video recording software, Kaltura Capture, also known as Kaltura Personal Capture. Some dates to be aware of:

  • Tuesday, April 16th: Kaltura Capture was made available to the UW-Madison campus.
  • Friday, May 17th: The CaptureSpace installer download was disabled to encourage users to move to Kaltura Capture. Users who have previously installed CaptureSpace could use it until June 14th.
  • Saturday, June 1: Kaltura no longer supports CaptureSpace. Users could use it through June 14. After June 14, users are no longer able to upload captures directly to Kaltura MediaSpace.
  • Saturday, June 15th: Uploads from CaptureSpace to MediaSpace were disabled as Kaltura support for CaptureSpace ended. Users should use Kaltura Capture from June 15th on.

Recordings created from either software will continue to exist in Kaltura MediaSpace after June 15, 2019.

This document outlines how to adjust microphone recording levels so the audio is not too loud or too quiet.

Always test before committing to a recording level setting

Poor audio makes a video hard to listen to and is very difficult to fix. The best way to get good audio is to make sure you record good audio. That's why it is strongly recommended that you perform small test recordings every time you adjust your audio settings. These small tests can save you lots of time

Adjusting microphone levels

There are so many microphones in the world and we cannot show how to adjust input levels on all of them. Please refer to the documentation which came with your microphone. Below are some resources which may help you adjust microphone levels within OS X and Windows 10. (Specific Google searches of your microphone and OS may also prove useful.)

Microphone level adjustments within the Operating System  

Mac OS X:

Adjustments can be made to the volume at which your microphone records audio within your computer's settings. In addition, you may also be able to adjust the recording level on your actual microphone.

A tutorial on adjusting microphone settings within OS X can be found here:

Windows 10:

A tutorial on adjusting microphone settings for Windows 10 can be found here:

Selecting microphone in Kaltura Capture

Selecting a preferred microphone can be done by using the Audio drop-down menu.  If more than one microphone is connected to your computer you may select the desired microphone from this drop-down menu. While no input level adjustments can be made here, one can gauge voice level by using the microphone meter.  (We highly recommend preforming a test recording with each microphone available on your computer to hear which gives the best results.)
audio settings

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