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Engage - About UW-Madison Engage Fees and Refunds [UW-Madison]

This document summarizes Engage fees and appeals for students at UW-Madison. Students can keep an eye on the Engage fees by reviewing their tuition bill in their Student Center.



When a faculty member (or their Course Coordinator, program, department, or school) chooses to teach with an Engage eText or publisher Digital Learning Tool (DLT), the selected materials will be pre-purchased for the enrolled students and the associated discounted costs will be charged to those students’ bursar accounts shortly before the first bill for the coming term is generated. Students who are financial aid recipients will have aid applied to the cost as appropriate. Sales tax (5.5%) will be assessed as a separate line item on the tuition bill. Financial aid and scholarships will cover the sales tax. 

If a late eText/DLT adoption is approved (by the Course Coordinator, program, department, or school), the discounted costs for the selected materials will be charged to enrolled students' tuition and fee accounts shortly before the next available bill is generated.

Students do not need to purchase materials directly from the publisher if their instructor is utilizing Engage. Access to eTexts and DLTs will be through Canvas, and the materials will be available no later than the first day of class.

Using Engage, students save between 40%-80% off the print price per textbook and 25% off the list price for publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs).

Unizin is charging an additional $3 fee per title. This is due to the implementation of the RedShelf eReader, which will provide a better and more-streamlined student experience.

Students who do not wish to use and be charged for Engage materials may either opt-out or enroll in a course section that is not making use of Engage.

Other roles in Canvas have access to Engage materials at no additional cost, including TAs, Observers, and other Instructor roles. Senior Guest Auditors are opted-out of receiving materials automatically, however they can contact DCS for purchase options. 


A student that has opted out will see a waiver applied to their account in the amount of the Engage eText/DLT fee for that course.

If a student has purchased the eText in the past, they will have an Entitlement associated with the cost of that eText. This will also cause a waiver to be applied to their account in the amount of the Engage eText fee for that course.


Refunds for students who drop from a class with an Engage fee will receive a refund consistent with the tuition and fee refund schedule, up to the 100% tuition refund deadline.

Collected Engage fees are paid to the publisher partners immediately following each deadline in the refund schedule; thus, no fees for Engage materials can be refunded after the class’s refund deadline.

Appeals - late requests

Appeals for refunds may be granted based on special circumstances. Appeals will be reviewed by the Engage Sponsors and, if approved, the Engage Team will work with the Bursar's Office to have the fees reimbursed. E-mail if you believe you should be considered for an Engage fee reimbursement based on the following scenarios:

  • Criteria for appeals after standard tuition refund dates have passed:
    • Compassionate refund
      Compassionate refunds are treated as an exception to the rule and handled as a recommendation from the academic dean to the registrar. These are situations when students are unable to continue in classes due to compelling circumstances beyond their control. Some examples include:
      • A life-threatening or disabling illness/accident for an enrolled student
      • The death of an immediate member of the family or household of an enrolled student
    • Accessibility accommodations not sufficient
    • Enrollment on or after the 100% refund deadline (e.g., enrolled off a waitlist)

If there is another reason you believe you may be eligible for a refund, please e-mail for further assistance.

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