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Pressbooks - Creating a Pressbook (UW-Madison)

This document covers how to create a Pressbook after you've gotten your Pressbook account.

These instructions assume that you have already have Pressbooks account created for you as outlined in Pressbooks - Overview (UW-Madison) .

  1. Log in to Pressbooks:
  2. If this is your first time logging in and you haven’t created a book before, click on Create a New Book in the upper right:
    Screenshot showing the upper right corner Pressbooks menu with the cursor over "Create a New Book".
    If you have created Pressbooks previously or are in the Pressbooks dashboard, click My Catalog → Create a New Book:
    A screenshot showing the Pressbooks dashboard "My Catalog" menu opened with the cursor over "Create a New Book."
    The Create a New Book window will open.

  3. Fill out the form by entering the Webbook Address and the Book Title:
  4. Select the book language from the dropdown menu. 
  5. Select the radio public indicating whether you want to make the book public.
  6. Click the Create Book button:
    Screenshot showing the Pressbooks "Create a New Book" screen with the basic info filled out and the cursor over the "Create Book" button.
  7. After a few seconds of processing, Pressbooks will display the dashboard for your book.

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