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Canvas - Student Tech Modules in Canvas Commons [UW-Madison]

This document describes how instructors can import the Student Tech Module templates into Canvas courses. These modules, developed by DoIT Academic Technology's Learn@UW-Madison team, are designed to help instructors introduce centrally supported learning technologies such as Kaltura to their students. The modules can save instructors time by helping them easily describe to students how they intend to use a technology in their course and by providing students with troubleshooting and help information.

How to access the Student Tech Modules

The Student Tech Modules modules are located in Canvas Commons and can be found by searching for "Learn@UW-Madison" in Commons or by module name (for instance, "Kaltura Mediaspace Student Tech Module"). In addition, here are direct links to the modules:

To add a module to your Canvas course, click the Import/Download button in Canvas Commons, then either select the Canvas course in which to import the module, or download it for import back into your Canvas course. 

Using the templates in your course

If you import one or more Student Tech Modules into your Canvas course, you should review and edit them to suit how you are using a technology in your course before making them available to students. Importing them without at least some minimal editing could cause confusion for your students. 

  1. After importing the templates into your Canvas course, go to Modules. Find the page within the imported Student Tech Module titled, "How to Use and Edit this Template." This module contains information on how to use the Student Tech Module and what edits you may need to make before making it available to students.
  2. Review all of the content within the imported Student Tech Module and edit it as necessary for your students. 
  3. Place the module in a location within your course content that makes the most sense for your students. Then, it's a good idea to make your students aware about the module and its purpose (for instance, the module not a piece of course subject-matter material; rather, it's some overarching information about a learning technology used in the course). 

For general instruction on how to use Canvas, refer to the Canvas Guides:

For help integrating the Student Tech Modules into your course, please contact your local instructional technology unit or contact the DoIT Help Desk and ask to meet with an AT consultant.

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