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AEFIS - DESL - Getting Started with DESL Assignment Linking

Direct evidence of student learning (DESL) is an assessment approach that allows instructors to evaluate learning based on student performance on tasks directly connected to course learning outcomes. This documents shows how instructors can link Canvas assignments and activities to course learning outcomes (CLOs). DESL is currently only intended for use in credit-based courses, and will not be accessible in non-credit courses.

Assignment Linking

Canvas assignments may be linked to course learning outcomes (CLO) using Canvas and AEFIS. 

  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to your course.
  2. Select Direct Evidence of Student Learning (AEFIS) from the course navigation menu.
  3. It takes about 10 seconds to make the connection to the Assignment Linking page. Once connected the following screen appears showing all learning outcomes associated with this course section. CLOs flow into AEFIS from Lumen, if no CLOs are listed check with your department's Lumen representative to find out how to add the approved CLOs to Lumen.
    Assignment linking pageNote: Each outcome listed is either a program, course, or section learning outcome.
    • Program learning outcomes (PLO) start with the degree followed by the program code
      PLO format
    • Course learning outcomes (CLO) start with a C and flow into AEFIS from Lumen
      CLO format
    • Section learning outcomes (SLO) start with a S and are entered by instructors into the Course Syllabus (AEFIS) tool within Canvas.
      SLO format
  4.  Click on the pencil icon to start linking assignment(s) to a CLO.
    Pencil icon
  5. All Canvas assignments display and may be linked to a CLO. Begin by selecting assignment(s) that show evidence that a student has achieved this learning outcome. You may choose multiple assignments and an assignment may link to multiple CLOs. An instructor can choose which assignments to link including the complete assignment, a specific quiz/test question(s), or a specific Canvas rubric criteria. If choosing a specific question or rubric criteria, the assignment must be graded with SpeedGrader. For more about choosing assignments that show evidence of learning, view the Student Learning Assessment DESL webpage.

    Note: Canvas assignments must be published in order to display on the assignment linking page.
    Assignment link options
  6. The weight of each assignment may be changed, however, the total weight must equal 100%.
  7. The Total Score Rubric Settings is defaulting to the institution and/or college setting. 
  8. Save this page.
  9. Continue to grade assignments in Canvas. If you linked to a specific Canvas rubric criteria or to a specific quiz question, you must grade using the Canvas SpeedGrader. For all other assignment linking you can add the value in the Gradebook in Canvas. All assignments that have been linked will be part of the DESL reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about DESL. 

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