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Engage – Roles/Profiles in the Order Tool [UW-Madison]

This document explains the differences between roles granted to users in the Engage Order Tool, also called profiles.

In the Engage Order Tool, permissions are granted depending on a user’s role, or Profile. Each profile comes with certain permissions that enable different ordering options and workflows. Users may be granted with more than one profile.

Types of Profiles

The Order Tool supports three Profiles: Instructor, Coordinator, and Program Administrator. 

All three may order digital content for course sections, but their profile determines when they can order, and for which courses.

What are Instructors?

  • The instructor role corresponds to the course instructor set in SIS. Principal, Supervisory, and Auxiliary instructors in Canvas are set as Instructors in the Order Tool.
  • Instructors may place orders:
    • During the semesterly ordering period.
    • Only for courses they're assigned to teach.

What are Course Coordinators?

  • Coordinators allow Institutions to support content ordering practices where content selection is a matter of departmental, curricular, or program policy. 
  • Coordinators are department staff who submit content orders in place of Faculty or instructors.

What are Program Administrators?

  • At UW-Madison, the Engage team within DoIT Academic Technology holds the role of Program Administrator. 
  • This is the highest permission level within the Engage system.

How are profiles configured in the Order Tool?

Instructors are assigned permissions based on the course subject and sections taught by them during that Term. Permissions may be configured based on data provided by their institution about Sections:

  • A Course subject (e.g., "ENG" in "ENG101"; required)
  • A Course level (e.g., "Undergraduate," "Graduate," "Business"; required)
  • A Department, College, or School affiliation (e.g., "College of Letters & Science," "College of Engineering"; required)
  • A Campus affiliation (e.g., "UW-Madison"; optional)

All four values associated with a Section may be used to configure Coordinator permissions.

How are profiles configured at UW-Madison?

  • Instructors are added to the Order Tool based on SIS data provided by the Office of the Registrar. 
  • Course coordinators will be added to the Order Tool automatically, based on a set of criteria decided on by the Office of the Registrar. If you think you may have been added automatically, please attempt to log in
  • If not added automatically based on existing permissions, course coordinators may be added manually by request. 
    • Requests require approval by your dept dean/chair.
    • Please submit a ticket to the DoIT Help Desk if you believe you should be added as a Coordinator
  • Program administrators cannot be added to the Order Tool.
  • Only UW-Madison users can be added to the Order Tool. Those who do not have active NetIDs (e.g., publishers) cannot be added.

Will the interface look different based on my role?

The interfaces differ to support the different, unique workflows of each user. Users with multiple profiles will see their highest level of application permissions in the User menu. Each user will see any tasks and actions they have permissions for in the application.

What about students?

Students do have profiles as well, however they are not associated with ordering. Students can log into the Order Tool during designated opt-out periods, called the Student Choice Period. If a student wishes to opt-out of their course materials, they can do so in the Order Tool during this time. For more information on opting out, including how to do it, please see  Engage - Opt-out Considerations and Guidelines [UW-Madison].

Students can also review digital materials they have already purchased by reviewing the Purchase History within the Order Tool. More information can be found in this Unizin document.

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