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Honorlock - Resolved Issue - Incorrect Language in Exam Paused Window

This document contains a previous issue with Honorlock that has been resolved. If a student's internet connectivity is interrupted during an Honorlock proctoring session, and Browser Guard is set as the only proctoring setting, the exam relaunch window will ask students to open their webcam even though that setting was not selected by the instructor.

When an instructor chooses Browser Guard as the only proctoring setting, it is a known issue that when a student loses and then re-gains internet connectivity during an Honorlock proctoring session, the exam relaunch window will ask students to open their webcam, even though that setting was not selected by the instructor.

This can be very confusing and cause anxiety for students who were taking an Honorlock proctored assessment that did not require the use of their webcam, but they are then prompted to open their webcam to relaunch their exam.


This issue selects students in courses where Browser guard is enabled as the only proctoring setting. Students may experience this issue if their internet connection is interrupted.


The following depicts the student experience during Honorlock exam relaunch:

  1. If a student loses and regains internet connectivity their exam will be paused, and the window below will appear. Even though a web camera was not used to launch their exam, students should click on the Open Web Camera relaunch button.
    Window is displayed, and "open web camera" button is outlined in orange.
  2. A small Honorlock re-launch window will appear, asking students to click Continue to re-launch Honorlock Browser Guard for their session. In some cases, this small relaunch window is slow to populate with text. The student may need to close the re-launch window and click on Open Web Camera multiple times for the re-launch window to properly load. Once the text has loaded with the Honorlock Browser Guard text, the student should select Continue.
    Window is displayed with "continue" outlined in orange

  3. After the student selects Continue, they will receive the final assessment re-launch prompt. The student should select the Click to Continue button.
    window is displayed with "click to continue" outlined in orange

After selecting Click to Continue the student should be brought back to their Honorlock enabled Canvas quiz session.

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